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Solids of Revolution by Alpha Millenium Crew

---------------------------| SOLIDS OF REVOLUTION |---------------------------

By AMC                     

Released at Dreamhack '99 in Borl„nge, Sweden

Code: Gamma Wave & Pegasus    
Gfx:  Photoshop (with some guidance from Gamma Wave)
3d Gfx: V0id                                        
Music: Mempheria

This demo was made in an effort to combine studies and scene-life, and
represents the near impossibility to do so. It is, however, our first demo
and we hope it will not prove too embarrasing in the future. 

This version (the partyversion) was coded in a hurry, and there was no
time for optimising. So its sloooooooow. If we have the time, we'll
release a final version in the next month or so...

AMC greets the following people:

Lator L-Boy Whisker Whizzter Gnilk Evade Andromeda Loonie Zeppo Sombie Reel
thec, white lion and everybody else...

we would also like to express our admiration for the following legendary
  Phenomena, Razor1911, Fairlight, Scoopex, Quartex, Horizon, Silents, Sanity,
  Red Sector, TBL, Ackerlight, Vision Factory, Rebels, Byterapers,
  Cryptoburners, Kefrens, Spaceballs, Andromeda, Triton, Censor Design,
  Rage, Triad, Triangle, Pure Metal Coders, Anarchy, Crusaders and all who
  we forgot.

GammaW would like to greet:
Pegasus would like to greet:
    T3a, Mamma, katten, bilen, och alla blommor.

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