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The No Border demo by Keiron O'Mahoney


coding by

Keiron O'Mahoney

Run the demo by clicking on NOBORDER.PRG. To exit the demo just
press F10 while it is runnning, there will be a short message and
then it will return to the GEM desktop.

This demo will run on any colour ST, it will not run with a mono
monitor at all. It has a few special effects in with over 45
different colours on the screen at the same time. The main
feature of this demo is the use of the borders, these cannot
normally be accessed by the programmer.

Features :-

1. Bouncy ST FORMAT logo, with disk light bounce indicator.

2. Seven wavey 16 colour sine sprites.

3. A largish colour-cycling scroller. Which can be edited by
changing the file "extra.s" on this disk. This scroller
scrolls through the left and right border areas.

4. A 8 plane, multi-coloured, bi-directional starfield, with
over 72 stars, which goes through the left, right and bottom

Both of the last features are running in and through the left,
bottom and right borders. This was quite hard to achieve. Also
the top border is also utilised with the demo title (I ran out of
ideas of what to put in the borders then!).

The demo was merely an exercise in timings there was also a
lack of anything else to do at the time, though the end
product is quite effective and I hope you enjoy it as much as I
did writing it!

The main body of the scrolling message can be changed by editing
the file named "extra.s", ascii characters 32 - 90 (space to
lowercase z) can be used, with lowercase being converted to
uppercase, control characters will be either changed to spaces or
in the case of carriage returns and linefeeds ignored.
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