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Species of Automatic Treatment by HyperCube [web]

== Species of Automatic Treatment ==

A demo for Birdie 17 by HyperCube.

Some species treat you automatically.

We like pink and purple (today).
We also own your language.

== Credits ==

cyBeAr      Modelling, strange accent
elmindreda  Code, modelling, graphics
Kallisti    Music, colour consulting
Salome      Graphics, design consulting

== Greets ==

Adam Blair
Gazmans mamma
Northern Dragons

== About this demo ==

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== History ==

This demo was originally a fastdemo for a scene.se fastcompo,
but it quickly became so demo-like that I decided to hold the
release and wait for a proper compo.  The first party of the
season that I could attend was Birdie, so I set my sights on
it.  In the months up to Birdie, I did some work on the demo
but most of the effort went into the effect sequencer
interface and engine.  Having completed that a few weeks late
but still in time to make the demo releasable, I then had to
take a week off to make a GLFW release.  Finally being able
to concentrate on the demo and with only one week remaining, I
set out to implement all the effect ideas I'd had whilst
coding other stuff.

My original 'design' idea was to do "something with glow and
nested effects", the latter due to a peculiar property of the
engine that makes effect nesting with render to texture
extremely simple.  The design then sort of evolved during the
first hectic days of fastcompo work and has remained
relatively unchanged since.  The end result is something like
"pink laser glow and steel", which makes no sense at all but
looks rather nice (to me).  I guess about 95% of the graphics
count as coder's art as, well, I'm a coder.  No cubes, though
(except for the mandatory hypercube).

 - elmindreda

== Requirements ==

Both engine and demo have fallbacks all the way back to plain
old OpenGL 1.2, but chances are that any card old enough not
to support anything newer than that will be far too slow to
render the demo with tolerable frame rate (there's a lot of
render to texture going on and the engine doesn't support
PBuffers or FBO:s yet).

It should run fine on most semi-modern cards.  For some reason
it ran ass-slow on one GeForce 4 MX we tried it on, but then
that's not a real card anyway.

== Technology ==

Nothing very fancy.

The hypercube in the intro sequence is indeed a 4D cube
projected into 3D.  

All camera animation tracks are generated from simple
heuristics at load time, which means that the demo is never
exactly the same twice (unless you're very, very unlucky).

Both demo and engine were primarily developed on Debian
GNU/Linux, which isn't impressive but rather rare.

We have Windows, Linux and Mac OS X versions for your viewing
pleasure.  We also have ugly FF fallback glow.  Yay.

This demo is built on the Wendy engine, the best thing since
sliced penguin.  Press tab to edit the demo to your liking if
you don't like our version, but remember to save your changes.

== Music ==

The song is titled Binary Divison with No Bit Carry and is
from the album For The Fairest by Kallisti.

== Licenses ==

All visual art (models, textures, shaders) are under the
Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Sweden License, which may be
found here:


The song is licensed under the Creative Commons
Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Sweden
License, which may be found here:


The source code for the engine and demo is under the
zlib/libpng license, which may be found here:


The Audiere audio library used in the Linux binary is under
the LGPL, which means that it's illegal for you to distribute
this demo without sources.  Thank you.

Complete source code for the demo and engine were included in
the release that we handed off to the compo crew.  If it got
lost somewhere between us and you, please go cut down a tree
with a herring.  Thank you.

== HyperCube ==

Owning your language since 1997.


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