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KXXT by wx



1íówindows 98╗≥╕ⁿ╕▀
2íó░▓╫░╙╨directx 9.0╗≥╕ⁿ╕▀
4íóCPU 500Mhz╥╘╔╧



              KXXT  by  wX



725,123 ╕÷╢Ñ╡π
857,432 ╕÷╚²╜╟├µ









The Intro requires a pc with

	- windows 98 or better 
	- directx 9.0 or better
	- a 3d graphics card 
	- a 500Mhz pentium-class cpu or better
	- 256MB ram
	Running it needs all your Cpu resources and EMS memory

	                 KXXT  by  wX

	INTRO In 76kb

	Will Make You HAPPY

	Will Make You Beautiful

	Will Make You Popular

	Will Make You Understand

	Will Make You BELIEVE

	Use the legendary technology and it's full of mystery

	40 colorful textures, 
	thats about 10 MB

	7 minutes of sound 
	15 MB of wave data, 
	in about 8 tracks

	16,777,216 colored and 
	textured triangles 
	725,123 vertexs 
	857,432 triangles
	not including animated 

	3,492 operators in total

	That's a grand total of 1GB of data!
 	or a compression ratio of 13000 to 1!

	It's time to change YOUR Mind!	

	About the intro:

	I'm at least surprised by the quality of the results.Anyway,it's fun
	and congratulations on your great work.

	Release notes:

      	 I know many of you are going to hate
      	 the use of copyrighted music.  I had no
      	 way to a musician who could make a
      	 song for me at the time I started it as
     	  well. it's just so-so.

    	Contect me: KXXTYOUWILLSEE@163.com
                    wx_1989518@163.com (MSN contact)
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