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TheDimension by MGDesign


The demo has been developped and only tested on a 68020-28mhz 
this version has some bugs which will be rectified later
it's possible the demo only work half the time that it is used, due to
unexplained reasons.
If it don't work on your 030/040/060 cpu, then you can buy to me a cpu card

Hardware requirements:	MC68020	(A1200 and above)
			AGA chipset.
			PAL video
			1.5 Megs of chipram.
			3 Megs of Fastram.
			6 Megs of HD space

Hardware recommended:	MC68020 28Mhz and above

Installation:		Unpack/Copy all the files to the same

Directory:		There are 76 files :
			- 73 files named "01" to "73"
			- a file DIMENSION_020.EXE
			- a script file to run the demo DIMENSION.SCRIPT
			- this document MGD-DIMENSION.README

To run:			Use shell to get to the demo-directory and :
			- type << ASSIGN DIMENSION: "" >>
			- then type << DIMENSION_020.EXE >>


Contact MGD:		E-Mail:		theo@mgdesign.org (Theo/MGD)


	"MGD, to escape from reality ."

The credits:

Code:		Theo (& viper)
GFX:		Yolan (& thug,viper,theo)
Music:		Thug & Chrylian
Objects:	UKW,Shreider,theo,thug ..


"Shoot for the moon and if you miss, you can always be one of the stars"
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