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dasphere by Zon@ Neutr@ [web]

==== Zona Neutra productions ====

"da sphere" by Zona Neutra
Released at fiberparty 2007 (Spain)

Code: xphere
Music: ... no music! :'(

:: Zona Neutra demogroup :: http://scener.zonan.org ::

        ::: Greetings :::

Collapse, fuzzion, rgba, stravagantza, xplsv, bixo, network, tlotb,
threepixels, sector omega, Concept, Necro Studios, Level64, Solstice,
and all other demoscene groups!!

        ::: Comments  :::

Greetings to shash^collapse for the etram basecode!

fastmade prod!! 12h-nonstop! I need to sleep!!
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