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SCI by fresh!mindworkz [web]

"sci" pc-64k intro by fresh!mindworkz, released at Breakpoint'07, germany

Technical Info:

  Known bugs:

  - Win95/98/ME not supported
  - Compiled with beta state compiler


  Needs an OpenGL 1.4 compatible videocard (with 32mb of ram) and a standard 
  dsound soundcard. 

  This demonstration made with GPL or freeware modules/compilers.


  main code: pasy
  additional code: pontscho, pohar, remage
  music:  vincenzo 
  3d: mike, csirke

  musicplayer: - uFMOD (for windows) : Asterix and Quantum
               - minifmod (for linux and macosx/x86) : Firelight Technologies
               - fmod (for macosx/ppc) : Firelight Technologies

  exepacker:  - kkrunchy (for windows) : ryg/farbrausch (big thx) 
              - upx (for linux) : http://upx.sf.net
              - iPakk (for macosx) : http://www.freshmindworkz.hu/iPakk/


  E-mail: info@freshmindworkz.hu
  Homepage: http://www.freshmindworkz.hu/demoscene


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