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Sega Tween by Ben Ryves [web]

SEGA TWEEN - a simple 3D demo for the Sega Master System and Game Gear.
Ben Ryves 2007 - benryves@benryves.com - http://benryves.com/

This archive contains three binaries:

+ Sega Tween (Normal).sms <- Sega Master System.
+ Sega Tween (3D).sms     <- Sega Master System equipped with 3D glasses.
+ Sega Tween (Normal).gg  <- Sega Game Gear.

The Game Gear version has a lower resolution display but takes advantage of
the improved colour depth.

The 3D glasses version displays in real 3D on an emulator equipped with 3D
glasses. Some emulators have modes that can be used to simulate this effect,
be it an anaglyph mode (red/green 3D specs) or a stereo pair mode.

I've tested the Game Gear version on hardware, and the SMS version on the
Game Gear's SMS compatibility mode.

Pressing [1] advances to the next 'model'. Pressing [2] freezes rotation.
Direction pad can be used to adjust the rotation speed.

Working emulators (in no particular order):

+ Kega Fusion
+ Past-O-Rama
+ Emukon

Non-working emulators:

+ Dega (corrupted background, small sprites).

Source is, naturally, included. :)

Thanks and greets to the following (again, in no particular order);

+ Maxim
+ Bock
+ Charles MacDonald
+ CoBB
+ All the SMS Power! regulars
+ Z80 Bits
+ #gamedev/#tcpa regulars

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