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Slippery Sam by Falcon Users Netherlands

   Heeeeee what is this ???? A game ???? and it is finished ???????
   Well almost, there are still a few thing to change (BUGS) but this
   is the result sofar. Okay stop the rubbish and let me tell you
   something about it.
   Slippery Sam is a kind of conversion of a very very old game. We
   converted this game from an old listing once published in Your
   Computer in '83 (or somewhere in that time period). It was in
   originaly for an Oric writen in basic but since the old basic
   types where very straight forward the conversion wasn't that 
   difficult. We re-wrote it in GFA basic and added some other
   things to it to make the game some what more appealing for you.
   The Game itself
   Well you all know the old game snake (well atleast the older 
   computer users should) and the aim of the game is to eat the bugs 
   in order to grow and become a big snake. But there are ofcourse 
   some hazzards out there or else it wouldn't be that much fun 
   wouldn't it. Each tim you eat a bug there will appear a poision 
   mushroom or a power pill. You can't eat those poisioned mushrooms 
   because you will die. But if you eat a powerpill before  you will
   survive it. So for each mushroom there is a power pill so don't
   forget to eat them. Doesn't sound that spectaculair does it but I 
   suggest you try it before judging the game. By the time you ate all 
   the bugs a level is over and new bugs will be placed and also some
   bricks to make live even more difficult. These bricks can't be
   moved nor broken. So avoid them as much as possible or you might 
   die. There is another thing to keep in mind, you can't crawl over
   yourself, so if you for example go left and want to turn back and
   crawl over your own tail (body) then you will die also. Crawling 
   against a wall (one of the borders) is also leathal, so you seee it 
   might not be so easy afterall. 
    The controls

   Well this game can be controlled on almost every way to make it 
   playable for everyone. 

  By joystick. Plug it in port 1 and of you go
  (p.s. the mouse is in port 0 by the way.)    
  By keyboard. simple use the cursor keys...
  (you know the keys with the arrows on them)
  By Jaguar Controller Pad. Plug it into port 0 and ready you are.
   Well what more do you want ??? 
   System demands !!!!
   Slippery Sam runs on a standaard Falcon with 4Mb with any kind of
   screen (TV, RGB and VGA!!!) but I recommend that you start clean
   without and screen utils (NVDI, Warp 9 or something) because of
   the fact that we use hardware addresses to set screen modes. This 
   might not be the best way but it works. Well there isn't much to 
   explain amymore about this game execpt for the fact:
   * If you like please write it to me.
   * If you find any bugs please write also to me so I can remove
     them and make a new version.
   * If you want to make a donation for it (in any form) please do.
     Maybe we make another game ( We are working already !!)      
    The address to write to is:

                           Bonus Software
                            P.O. box 343
                          8330 AH Steenwijk
                           The Netherlands
          E-Mail address is: bonus@xs4all

                  	"LOADS OF FUN"

You can also e-mail me for that.....
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