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Scene Meeting 2000 Invitation by Illi Recentes ImperatoreS

                     /(____________  ___/\___________     
                     \____/\_____ ~\ \____/\_____   ~\___ _ __ 
                     /    \/  __/   \/    \/    /____/ 
                  __/     /   \_  __/     /____     / 
                  \      /    /   \      /    /    / 
                  /     /    /   //     /    /    / 
         __ _ ___/     /    /   ·/     /    /    / 
                 \____/\___/    /\____/\_______ / 
               ===========/    /==============|/[SHK] 
                         /    /               : 
                             INVITES TO

               XXXXXXXX   X    X    X XXX X    XXXXXXX
               XXXXXXXX   X XXXX   XX X X X   XXXXXXXX
               XXXXXXXX   X    X    X XXX X    XXXXXXX
               X XXX X    X    X     X   X XXX XX    X
               X  X  X XXXX XXXXXX XXXX XX  XX X XXXXX
               X X X X   XX   XXXX XXXX XX X X X X   X
               X XXX X    X    XXX XXX   X XXX XX   XX



Why? Because we have a tradition of hosting this party (yes, might aswell use
the word tradition now, we've held it 5 times, and besides, 'tradition' has a
nice sound to it ;)), and because everybody who attends seems to have a good
time :) The party is, as always, exclusively for the Amiga, we won't accept any
other computer or gameconsole at the party. Ahh ok, if you bring a C64 we will
be suitably respectful, and award you with a nice seat ofcourse, heh.. No
really, this party is very much Amiga only, and we sure as hell don't want to
see any PC's there! It tries to be in the good old copyparty spirit, meaning a
lot of fellow Amiga sceners, a lot of fun, a lot of productions and a HELL lot
of booze.. Ehrr, actually the good old copyparties weren't really boozeparties,
but hey, we're allowed to improve things in some places, eh? ;) So, at Scene
Meeting 2k, we can guarantee you that there will be:

- Dedicated Amiga owners
- Creative Amiga sceners
- Crazy, tattooed Amiga owners
- Amiga computers! 
- Uhmm.. Enough Amiga..
- Fun/Spirit/Friendship, the unbeatable partycombo, mixed together with BEER!
- A really low entrancefee
- Cool surroundings (don't they all say so? ;))
- Bigscreen/audioequipment mostly running old Amiga demos or boring IRIS stuff
- Huge outdorr area for boozing/volley/grilling
- Nearby access to aprox. 800 girls! (some with boyfriends though..)

And there's also stuff we can guarantee you we don't have:

- A high entrancefee
- PC's!
- PC lamers/quakers/leechers/porno watchers. Might be we have all types anyway,
  but they will then be Amiga lamers/quakers/leechers/porno watchers, which is
  way cooler anyway, eh?
- Gamelamers (ok, you're only a gamelamer when playing on PC, Turrican 2, etc.,
  doesn't count ;))
- Grumpy neighbours complaining about the party and sound volume
- Nazi security to throw you out if you booze too much. If you destroy
  something, some of the heavy IRIS'ers will sit on you as punishment though,
  AND you will have to pay for the damage too ;)
- No network and no internet! Fuck that newschool crap, bring your floppies
  instead ;)
- No votecheating! (not much anyway.. Maybe a little bit if we're short on
  cash.. Can't guarantee it..)


As last year, the party will take place in the center of Denmark, which means
the 3rd biggest Danish city, namely Odense. The party "hall" is a partyhall for
a college (HCØ) called "Huset". It has bar, video/audio equipment, discoballs, 
pool, bigscreen, etc.. Basically all you need to have is there. There's even 
electricity I think! (remember to bring your own cablestuff though). The party 
is going to take place the 14-16 July, which is, incredibly enough, going to be 
a weekend. We will "officially" open at around 10 o'clock the 14th, and close at 
14 o'clock the 16th, but you can arrive earlier and stay later. There are some
pro's and con's to this though. First off, if arriving earlier, you can arrive
up to one day earlier, but if you arrive the 13th, please get in touch with
Darkhawk, and he will find some place you can sleep, and you can then get to
booze with the IRIS'ers out in town the 13th.. AFTER all the stuff has been set
up at the partyplace, which you then have to help doing, uuhh.. And if you stay
later than 14 o'clock the 16th, you might get forced to help clean up, so I
guess that's not actual for anybody ;) 

And here's some info about how best to get there :) (Hey did you notice? Last
year I made one itch bitsy tiny mistake in this text, so that you weren't able
to find the partyplace by following the instructions.. Ahemm, uups.. Won't
happen again this year.. I guess ;)). 


Yep, this is actually not very hard. Follow the motorhighway to Odense.
Drive into Odense at "Odense C", you should see a McD on your left hand if
you come from "Jylland", or right if you come from "Sjælland". Follow
the "Odense Centrum" sign, which will direct you to drive past the McD..
Drive straight ahead, passing 1 roundabout and 2 traffic lights. Then, when
the 3rd traffic light appears, you should see a huge building called "Odense
Teknikum" to your right. Turn right here, and then turn right again at the next
trafficlight, which will make you enter a place with huge buildings to your
left and a small football area to your right.. Drive straight ahead and park
where you are able, the little 1 story building with red windows straight
ahead of you is the partyplace! 


Århus - Odense

Departing from Århus:      08:02, 09:02, 10:02, 11:02, 12:02, 13:02, etc. 
Arriving in Odense:        09:45, 10:45, 11:45, 12:45, 13:45, 14:45, etc.

Copenhagen - Odense

Departing from Copenhagen: 09:00, 09:30, 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 11.30, etc. 
Arriving in Odense:        10:29, 11:02, 11:29, 12:02, 12:29, 13.02, etc. 


This is actually quite easy... Any bus with the number 21 will stop 20m
from the partyplace. sometimes the nice busdrivers announce the name of the 
next stop, and sometimes they don't, heh. So, tell him to drop you off at the
"HC. Ørsteds Kollegium" if he doesn't. If lost, just scream ;) 


The schedule for the events will be shown at the party and on our homepage on
some unspecified date when we shake our laziness off and announce it, but we'll 
make sure there's (more or less) plenty of stuff for you to see on the 
bigscreen. That stuff will ofcourse be Amiga only, meaning new demos, old 
demos, games, SCALA, ehrr.. MPG's of Bill Gates getting assaulted with cakes, 
etc., you know the score :) Apart from that, we might feature some special 
surprise competitions, like a Scene Knowledge Quiz, but otherwise, it's pretty 
much up to you alone to have a good time, chat to eachother, meet new people, 
make something for the competitions, booze madly, explore the town, gatecrash a 
party and bring some chicks back with you etc.. 

A word about facilities. Except for the inside facilities at the partyplace,
like electricity (wow, eh?), sound&bigscreen, toilets, other sceners,
Amiga's, competitions, fun, etc., there's ofcourse also a town outside of
the partyplace, for you who'd like to show you're not only computer-nerds
(yeah sure, as if we'd believe that ;)). As stated, it's the 3rd biggest town 
in Denmark, which does say something atleast. Darkhawk would be quite willing
to be your tourguide in the nightlife of Odense, if you cover ALL of his
expenses, haha.. Ehrr, but Odense has everything you'd likely be needing,
and more. Not far from the partyplace, the biggest marketcenter in the city
is located, it has everything, cinema, McD, stores, etc.. A bit closer by
there is a supermarket for those of you who have to walk. For getting into the
wild nightlife in Odense, you'd better take a bus though, as it's a quite long 
walk otherwise. However, Odense got it all, food, beer, sex, drugs, senseless
violence, gangs, etc.. You'll feel right at home! 

Now over to the entrance fee for this SM.. Did we decide to make it more
expensive? Or did we decide to make it free again? Naah, it seems like some of
you would actually like to receive some kind of MONEY in the compos (how
capitalistic of you!), not only fame and glory. Therefore, the entrancefee is
the same as last year. However, this year, ALL the entrancemoney (yes, that is
right, all, as in 100%), will be spent on the compos, since we have been quite
fortunate in regards to the partyhall and bigscreen this time (they are for
free, yep). Ok, if something gets damaged, the compoprizes might lower
themselves, but hey! 5 times we have held SM, there's been beer, fun and
Amiga's, but never any damage, so why this year, right? RIGHT! ;)). Ahemm, yes,
but how high is the entrancefee then? Well, 50 Danish Kroner, to be paid by
anyone, even IRIS members, sad to say ;)

Entrancefee for most people:                             50Dkr (lousy fee!)
Entrancefee for IRIS'ers:                                50Dkr (lousy group!)
Entrancefee for those helping the day before the party:  50Dkr (lousy job!)

We'll be showing demos and stuff on the bigscreen now and then, when we
are sober enough to operate it, and there's nothing else going on. If you 
hate the scene and demos (that includes really OLD demos too, hehe), DON'T 
ATTEND!! :) And, if you feel like you have something special to show, a video, 
a production, even a movie, then don't be afraid to ask us about showing it,
although we will require some money to actually show it.. EHRR.. 

And as for sleepingspace.. Well, that depends on how many attenders there will
be. If we will have around 60 with computers, there will be a separate room for 
you to sleep in, if we get more, you will have to lay down surrounded by Amiga's 
on all sides (and hey, that's just cool, eh?). Ofcourse there are absolutely NO
shower facilites.. Hey, we're nerds, right? Ok, ok, there are some toilets,
easy now, don't panic ;) And yes, as you see, we don't have unlimited space for
attenders, but then again, it has never been our aim to be as big as the MS
e.g. (and then again, how could we? With Amiga owners only ;)), so we hope to
welcome 60-80 Amiga's WITH owners, sceners mostly, but all Amiga spiritually 
inclined people are welcome, as long as there is space left :) Don't worry, we 
will always have some extra space for YOU :)

Here are some addresses of the mainorganizer in case you want more info:


          Christian Hviid
          Læssøegade 78, 1
          5230 Odense M



          (0045) 65 91 21 19 


          Darkhawk or Dark^IRIS on #AmigaSCNE

Try our homepage too, for additional info on SM as we get it:

          www.irishq.dk <-- In the party section (surpriiise)

Now you should have a good chance to get in touch with me. Feel free to use
the phone 24hours a day, BUT if you wake me, I can guarantee that you won't
win any prizes at SM, no matter how good your entry is, heeeheeeeheh.. 


Mostly, our rules are infact things you MAY do on the party, but ofcourse we
also have some quite common rules. Atleast they're common for SM. The first
rule is especially important, don't think you have a chance in hell of
violating that one, heh:

1. You may NOT, NAADA, IKKE, NICHT, ETC. bring ANY COMPUTER having 
   affilation to the PC. That INCLUDES laptops. We have warned you! We DON'T 
   want to look at ANY PC! (we look on them too much as it is already ;))

2. Hmm, a boring rule: You may not damage anything at the place.. If you
   do, pay for it or get squashed. 

3. Drinking inside is allowed! But please, don't leave a mess, that's all 
   we ask :) Besides, the weather will be warm and sunny ofcourse, and there
   will be benches ++ outside :)

And, remember: 

             (but other Amiga owners are welcome too)


For all competitions we will use an Amiga 1260, 50mhz and ENOUGH fastram, to 
show the various things, but the things MUST be able to run at the specified
minimumconfiguration stated in the various compo's coming up. Else you can't
compete.. And you have to be at the party to get the prizes. If you aren't,
but you win, you'll still have the honour of winning, but the money will be
passed down amongst those actually present.. For competing without
attending, email the entries to Darkhawk friday morning 08.00 at the latest!

 Must not exceed 5mb of packed size. Must run from progdir: without
 assigns. Will be shown to the end, not including reading a 4 hour 
 long scroller. Must work on an Amiga 1200 with a 50mhz 030'er, FPU and 
 16mb of FastRAM.

 They must be able to run on an Amiga 1200 with a 50mhz 030'er, FPU and 
 16 mb of FastRAM. The size limit is 40k, NOT 64k.. Make a demo instead, 
 if you have a 64k intro ready ;)


 This is your standard, run of the mill Protracker module
 compo. Modules up to 880k UNpacked are allowed, the tune will 
 be played for 5 minutes, if too many entries are delivered, a 
 quite competent jury will be selected to bring down the number 
 of competing modules to 15. Ofcourse only one module for each 


 Will be held if we receive 3 or more modules. Size and time restrictions are
 the same as in the 4 Channel competition. You can compete with both a 4
 channel and multichannel module though.


 Clearly digitized/scanned pictures will be disqualified, drawn copies 
 are ok though. Only one picture per graphician. Resolution and format is up 
 to you. We will accept raytraced pictures in this compo too. 


 These will be held if we'll manage to come up with something
 out of the ordinary, but apart from that, we're very open for
 suggestions, game tournaments, etc.. 

Ohh yeah, and another note on competitions. Each entry we get, that will also
run on an OCS/ECS Amiga will be viable for some special prizes and praises
(but noooo, please don't just make some crap in order to get an extra prize
;)), as some of us in power here are oldsk00lers.. So, please, compete with
Amiga 500 demos and intros. If enough do that, we will surely make a separate
competition for them. Fuck PPC, back to the roots! (damn, som polish people 
will get angry now ;)). 


Ok, ofcourse we can't have a prize budget like TP, but we hope that
won't stop you from releasing a lot of cool things at SM, since it's the
competition with other groups and the opportunity to show your work that
should be important for the scene, not the money you get for it. That said,
there WILL be prizes, don't run away screaming now! Based on the money we
get from the entrancefee, minus unforeseen expenses (IRIS members boozing in
the pubs and such), we'll give each competition the following percentage of
money (we reserve our rights to change this, if there's not enough entries
in some competitions):

Amiga Demo:     50%
Amiga Intro:    25%
Amiga 4Channel: 12%
Amiga Graphics: 12%

Surprise compo's will get some special prices, and if we get other compo's up
(like the multichannel, we will change the percentages)..

Oki, that's all there is to it this time. If you have additional questions,
feel free to contact the mainorganizers, and otherwise, we hope to see as many
of you loyal and creative Amiga users/sceners at our party as possible, we will
do our best to make the SM2k a blast again this year! :)
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