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EGG 2: Trancescrambled by Kosmic Free Music Foundation [web]

                         Exceedingly Great Grooves
                            in association with
              the Kosmic Free Music Foundation (formerly KLF)
                            (finally) presents
                       T R A N C E S C R A M B L E D
                     EGG musicdisk #2 - a techno feast

              Egg Musicplayer coded by GooRoo (Chris Egerter)
                Interface Design by Maelcum (Dan Nicholson)
                         Music by various artists
                           DSIK by Carlos Hasan
                Pmode by Charles Scoeffeld and Thomas Pytel

386DX-33 (recommended)
4mb RAM
Supported Soundcard (see below)
SVGA 640X480X256 video card/monitor combination with VESA driver loaded
Mouse (recommended)

Soundcards supported:
Gravis UltraSound
Soundblaster Family (SB, SB Pro, SB 16 etc)
Pro Audio Spectrum Family (PAS, PAS+, PAS16)
Windows Sound System

Note from the rather bored compiler:
Finally I can get this darn thing out! After months of planning, compiling,
coding (big thanks to GooRoo), bugtesting, more compiling, more bugtesting,
it's finally finished. Hopefully you will find it worth the wait and the
download time. Featured are TWENTY-ONE new songs from these musicians:

Mental Floss (AndrewM)
White Wizard

respect to all of them for their works.

Before you do anything, run SETUP and select your soundcard and ports, IRQ
and stuff. then run EGG2.. but first see below...

Anyways, you will need a VESA compatible video card or one with a VESA
driver (ie my ATI VGA Wonder XL OEM has a little VVESA.COM file which I run
for VESA compatibility) to get full use out of the groovy player, and you
can hit the F1 key from within it to get further help as far as key
commands etc. Some to start ya:

selector screen
Cursor keys = select song
I key = pull up my lovely commentary screen for that song
Enter key = play that song
ESC key = quit

play screen
F1 = help screen
F2, F3, F4, F5 = effects screens
ESC key = go back a screen (ie go back to main play screen from effects,
        back to selector from main playscreen)
SPACE key = pause/resume song
<- -> cursors = rewind/fast fwd

QEMM probably is going to screw up the player, at least it did for some
betatesters, but I don't use QEMM and it might have been fixed, so I dunno.
if you really absolutely have no clue, you can email me at dan@bowker.com
and I'll do my best to help you.

if you have no SVGA, you can run the player in groovy effects screen cycle
mode by typing

egg2 -cycle

at the prompt

have fun, enjoy, party on etc.

- Maelcum (EGG coordinator, Kosmic Free Music Foundation guy)

sorry to the distro sites, but i can't remember who you are. all EGG files
can be found on
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