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Softer side of Toodeloo by YesCREW [web]

                  ___ (o><o) ___
	 / \/ \    \    \    \    \    \ \/ \
	 \_   /  \_/_ \_/ /__/  \_/  \_/ /\ /
	 / \  \  / \ \  \ \  \    \  / \  / \

            >> SOFTER SIDE OF TOODELOO <<
                   by YesCREW 1998

 The contained material in this  production  [music, 
 code, text, gfx] is also in parts  copyrighted  and 
 produced by YesCREW. All rights rights reserved  by 
 YesCREW,  1998.  Our  releases  are  not  freeware.
 Although you may copy them without restrictions for
 non-commercial use (as long as the archive  remains
 unchanged), you are not allowed to put any releases
 of  ours  on  a   cd-rom   without   our   explicit

 You take full responsibility for the  operation  of
 this software and any consequences  there  of.  We,
 the creators, can not accept liability for  damages
 or failures arising from the use of this  software.
 Replay Routine.........Laurent De Soras............
 Help.....Janez Valant.(SWE).&.Anders Eriksson.(Evl)

 System requirements
 Atari Falcon with 3  MB  of  free  RAM,  VGA/RGB/TV 
 display and little  more as 4 MB space on HDD
 It should work from all resolutions.
 As we know from experience that noone  reads  these
 info texts  anyway  so  I  will  just  include  the
 The Story.
 Project was started on from my side (toodeloo)  way 
 back in 1997. I had created  a  lot  of  slow/funky
 pieces of music but I had no interface in  which  I
 could release it under as Anders Eriksson [evil] is
 a total funk/r&b hater and he had refused to make a
 interface for such thing :-)

 I suggested to Swe & Vido  that  we  could  release
 such a collection under the YesCREW label and  they
 though it was a splendid idea. But as  always  when
 it comes to music and  computers  there  are  those
 incompatible formats that spoils everything. A tune
 might sound good in one  player  for  instance  the
 tracker and the sound completely different  in  the
 player that has to be used for the demo. 

 That caused a lot of problems for me and I  had  to
 remove a lot of good tunes  from  the  playlist  as
 they were either to harsh  on  the  cpu  or  played
 awfully wrong.

 What was left was basically .mod files but with and
 extra volume column used to be  able  to  mix  some
 more commands. That is basically all I use for this
 collection. No strange effects  or  16  bit  sound.
 Just plain and simple 4-12 channel .gt2 files.

 All samples in the modules are free to use  by  any
 musician if you so like.
 The sample source from  my  side  has  mostly  been
 maz-sample archive  and  samplenet.  For  links  to
 those archives please check my personal page. 

 // thanx for listening. 
 About coding
 This is  100%  done  in  GFA  Basic  except  replay
 routine which autor is Laurent De Soras. I am not a 
 good coder but I learn something new  almost  every
 day I code. Maybe I will be better coder in future.
 Anyway my code is crap but in such release the most
 important is music which is on my opinion  good.  I
 like it a lot (I dont like techno much).

 YesCREW homepage: http://yescrew.atari.org

 Music:  toodeloo@swipnet.se  
 Coding: uros.vidovic@guest.arnes.si

 [the end]
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