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Xmas 2001 by Satantronic [web]

        X-MAS 2001 Intro
       copyright Satantronic 2001
date : 16.12.2001
code   : Jookie / Satantronic
music  : Jookie / Satantronic
graphix: Jookie / Satantronic
 (everything just me ;-) )

- one picture not well dithered, some texts
  from every member of Satantronic (everybody
  for him self - translated to English by 
- SND music by Jookie of Satantronic... The
  first thing that I did compose in some 
  tracker and I hope that it is the last one.
  GMX did not yet compose in SidSound designer,
  but he will in near future. MC Laser is too 
  busy to compose for me and as he said, he 
  hates X-MAS music. I could not make the 
  Protracker-module-replay-rout work, so I 
  composed this little shit (Im not musician, 
  but coder...). It just have to be enough.
- very lame code - heh, Im a lama-coder...
  Debuging or any other reverse engineering
  may cause a harmfull damage to your healt.

Known bugs:
- do not try to move the mouse when the 
  text is displayed on screen. Doing this 
  10 or less seconds causes that the 
  computer freezes with many many bombs...
  (hmm, the code it self doesn't do this,
  this bug show after music is added in the 
  code). This bug isn't in emulators (WinSTon
  and PaCifiST), but they replay the music 
  kinda bad.
- it doesnt work correct in MagiC 
  (something wrong with timing...). Use 
  pure TOS as I do!
- doesnt return correct colors back (and
  sometimes also resolution) on Falcon
- bad syncing when the text is pulled down
  on about the 50th line (Im lazy to fix 
  that and I dont use Double-Buffering).

Message to all:
This has been tested only on 1040 STE 
with 4MB RAM and under WinSTon and PaCifiST
and runned there fine.
Send feedback how it runs on your Atari.

Used other code: 
Music replay - Animal Mine/The Independent
               ENIM LAMINA/The Independent
Un-ICE rout  - Axe/Superior

Thanx to:
- people on #atariscne for consultations
  (I don't remember all the names...)
Greets to: 
 MC Laser/tSCC, Evil/DHS, Baky, MiKRO, 
 Griff/Electronic Images,
 DefJam / Checkpoint, Deez, 
 MrPink/ReservoirGods, joZCo, Ejha, 
 Janushik, Vikushik, ...
(let me know if you should be here)

These are the greets from -XI- that didn't fit
in the intro because of lack of space:
  Avena, Checkpoint, Cobra, Cream, 
  Dead Hackers Society, Dune, Elite, 
  Escape, Fit, Fun, Mind Design, Mystic Bytes,
  Nature, New Beat Development, No Crew,
  Paranoia, Pyjama, Reservoir Gods, Sector One, 
  Spice Boys, Trio, TSCC, T.O.Y.S,
  Vectronix, Wildfire, and all others...

Send greets, feedback, opinions, money, etc.
on: jookie@nextra.sk

16.12.2001, Jookie/Satantronic

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