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Nun demo by .nUn. [web]

dis is nun.
wee are nuns.
we are reliesing ths demoo here at pimp party.
release date is 800 in the morning at 3 january o clock

kreddity to:
kood flapoor
mussick sevnklomp
greffixx blunder (de gigant)
moeessik converting almost anyone at pimp partie

dis demo was koded in ours partie
we only us keyboard prozessor
no dsp no 030 no koodek

we are against fpu
we do not float
we like too keep it reel

kontakt them
po box 666
112 XXX vatican city

special greatinks to Spaiz Gaisz
we not like u ripping our greffixgirl for their demo
hello to everythem and respect.

noe doei dan.

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