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Timeless by Tran

  Welcome to Timeless, a demo in Feb 1994 by Tran (a.k.a. Thomas Pytel).

Main crap:

  Once you start this demo, it will go on forever. Until, that is, you hit
the ESC key. You can also specify the maximum number of cycles the demo will
run with a switch on the command line. This demo updates the whole screen on
every frame, so the speed of your video card is critical. The demo can run in
three resolutions - high, medium, and low, high being the slowest. The demo
will pick the appropriate resolution for your system, but you can override
this with a command line switch. On my 386SX-16 with an 8bit VGA, I get a very
good frame rate at low resolution.

  There are also the usual factors effecting speed. QEMM and friends will slow
things down. And there is ofcourse the overhead of SB mixing (it sounds much
better on a GUS anyway). DPMI slows everything by a zillion percent. And if
youre trying to run it under Windows... Well... Umm... I dunno if it will run
under Windows. The demo may not be able to sync with the vertical retrace of
your monitor, which may cause it to lock up. But if it does run, it would make
a helluva screen saver. Because thats all a screen saver really is, a demo for
sale, since there is no real danger of burn-in on a color monitor.

  This demo was written 100% in 32bit protected mode assembly in PMODE v2.4.
All design, code, grafix, and muzik is by me (Tran). Except for the low level
SB driver which I am too lazy to code, so I just used Dave's (White Shadow).


/0      - High background resolution.
/1      - Medium background resolution.
/2      - Low background resolution.
/3      - Allow the demo to run up to 3x faster than the set rate (if your
          system is fast enough).
/E      - Skip ending screen.
/J      - If the demo jerks a little sometimes, this will fix the most likely
          cause of that.
/L#     - Loop for a limited number of cycles (1 cycle takes a while).
/S#     - Set soundcard info (the demo will tell you what to put here as the
          number after running it once).
/G      - Set line level output on the GUS (if its attached to a stereo).
/T####  - Set whole demo tint. The first three numbers are the red, green,
          and blue of the tint color. Their values range from 0 to 63. The
          last number is the amount of tint to apply, 0 is the least, 63 is
          full tint.

Example: TIMELESS /S2231 /1 /3 /J /L11 /T63,0,0,32

Other crap:

  You may distribute and use this demo in any manner you wish, as long as all
the original files, unmodified, are included with it.

  Just a little while ago, I remembered that I have an Internet account. So I
logged on, and found mail piled all the way back to negative infinity (I had
not called up in months). So I just killed it all. I do not check my mail
regularly, and if you send me mail you will probably not get a response (even
if I do actually call some time in the future and check). But if you just feel
like sending me hate mail, try tran@phantom.com.

  Oh well... Life sucks, so enjoy the illusion of reality you only think you
are experiencing. L8r... (or was it before???)...

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