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Animate by Schwartz

                          A   N   I   M   A   T   E

                               - by Schwartz -


        Animate will only work on a 386 or greater processor, however it
        needs under 256kb of base memory. A VGA is also required.

                           COPYRIGHT AND DISCLAIMER

        Animate is my contribution to the Assembly '95 4kb intro
        competition. It's not freeware. You are allowed to copy it
        without restrictions for non-commercial use.

        No payment of any kind may be charged for this product or any
        combination of products or services including this product
        without my authorization and official written license.

        Commercial use, especially the industrial manufacturing on any
        data storage media and their distribution without the expressed
        permission of the producer, is strictly prohibited.

        The program or this text file may not be altered or modified
        without the permission of the author.

        You take full responsibility for the operation of this software
        and any consequences thereof. I the creator can not accept
        liability for damages or failures arising from the use of this

                                CONTACTING ME

        At the moment I am _not_ thinking of joining a group, but if you
        want to contact me, please do so by email at:


        or by snailmail at:

                        Mikko Reinikainen
                        Penkaskuja 11
                        03100 Nummela

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