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Pest by Optik [web]

[         PEST demo              ]
[          by OPTIK              ]
[        for Fiasko2k            ]

req:  DOS, VESA 1.2, 16MB RAM , Pentium 
rec:  DOS, VESA 1.2, 16MB RAM , Sound Card, Pentium II  

This demo run best in DOS. In WIN9x it runs too, but sometimes 
crashes or sound is bad. I think because of bug in VESA code. 
When it crashes, try start it more times in DOS BOX or reboot DOS.

I used this things: 
VDT demo engine v 0.6 by Maple Leaf (little modified)
Midas by Sahara Surfers
PMODE/W 1.33 by Daredevil and Tran
UPX for exe-pack
some pictures and fotoze from Net 
( eye is (c) R.W.O, I think)
some code from Dimension/Transdimensional demo
and skate movie from www.board.cz 
some music influence and samples from DJ Jordy 
and BigDaddy.

C++ source code and some utils would be available for free on 
or on flerp.scene.hu

greeting for :
Peon, MovSD, Terror Opera, Broncs, 7Gods, Zden,
Xb, Jezek2, Fhk, Shakul, Carlos, eL and the rest of CZ scene.
e-mail: koubel@volny.cz
www: http://www.mujweb.cz/www/optik 
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