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Paestro by Fobia Design [web]

                    % PAESTRO (a Nondrunk release #1) %
                       !the ultimate p„„si„is-intro!

    Well, ahum... What can I say? My best product so far... ;-)
Sorry about low quality of music routine, which obviously slows down my great
effects! But, maybe next time we don't have to blame the MODOBJ for a slow
product (even on DX2!)! And then there won't be that MAX 22000hz! It'll be
something around 44000hz.

    I promised some contact info... So here goes:

    For swapping:
                    Howler / Fobia Design
                    Leinosentie 12
                    04440 JŽRVENPŽŽ

    If you want to join, then contact either Howler (above) or me:

                    Segment / Fobia Design
                    Kirjurintie 5
                    05400 JOKELA
                    (or leave a message to The End Complete SBBS!
                                            +358-14-724839 / 24h
                     NOTE! address your mail to _ZOMBiE_!!!!!)

   We are looking for some talented musicians and graphicians...

   (Hey, I _AM_ Talented. I just have done all the graphics for this intro
    in about 30 mins... :)  -Hornet)

 - Final Words - DON'T take these Nondrunk releases too seriously!! ;-)

        Segment & Hornet / Fobia Design
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