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Paestro 2 by Fobia Design [web]

 ║ P A E S T R O   2   -   H A P P Y   E A S T E R   P R O D U C T I O N ║
 ╙┘                   Copyright (c) Fobia Design 1996                   └╜

<System "requirements">

    - 486DX2/66Mhz (at least!) or faster
    - Fast VLB or better
    - About 590kbs of basemem
    - Gravis Ultrasound for sounds
    - NO fucking EMS or XMS required!!

    (music syncs may fuckup pretty badly with a SLOW system, sorry)

    ... this is short... enjoy!

        oh, contact.

    howler@pcuf.fi                               project@pcuf.fi

                  homepage     http://www.pcuf.fi/~howler
                              read other files
 ╓┐lehmälehmähullulehmä                             ämhelulluhämhelämhel┌╖
 ║ P A E S T R O   2   -   H A P P Y   E A S T E R   P R O D U C T I O N ║
    -smt-   (ongelma-ammuntaa) (problems?)

   Q∙ ufo's disappear & no toruses
    ∙ object appears from nowhere and vanish suddenly
   A-> computer sucks (lack of system performance!).

    beware of child abduc... ...err... abuse... hrmphh(from throat, uknow?)..
              ai sei: nout mii of ö thaipou änd ai kill juu -fd.

                    - - --- [ HEY! By the ways ] --- - -

btw, during the process of creating this intro I rolled a joint for
the first time in my life -hwr.

btw2, the joint howler rolled tasted good. though, it was a bit
too thight. -smt

btw3, we all were pretty close going nuts, due to DoC's obsession to play
the guitar!!

btw4, why, oh, why did I tape over that Twin Peaks - theme? -hwr.

btw5, Howler taped over it, because he had no other cassette to record the
outstanding tune by prodigy called firestarter...i think -smt

btw6, this, fobiatro/intro/demo or whatever, uses capaplay2... thnx flap!!

btw7, oh, yeah, btw... HAPPY EASTER!!! ;-) almost forgot...

         -  -  - - - --- -----[NOTE THIS!]----- --- - - -  -  -

Paranoids: All is foregiven. We love you.
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