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Xmas 2006 by Kaolin

Xmas2006 by Kaolin

Entered in the .au xmas compo 2006.

Requires: my machine.
Failing that, anything with a processor and a 
video card should do the trick.

Kaolin has been doing xmastros for nine years now
and for nine years it's been some sort of mad
rush for the deadline.  My learning curve
regarding demo project management is horizontal.

Actually, I wasn't planning on making a demo myself
this year, but it seemed like no one else was 
going to make an entry for the compo so I thought I
may as well give it a shot.  It's not exactly high-tech
but it's better than nothing and hopefully it might
help motivate some other Australians.

For the record, there is no music in this because 
if there is a choice between including music I 
make or no music at all, I'm doing you all a 
favour by choosing to have no music.

You can always play your own music, or hum some
christmas carol.

Big respect to ript and the rest of disaster area
for running the compo this year.  Double respect
since it meant I didn't have to do it myself :)


ps Kaolin is over 10 years old now, I guess I should
make a demo for that as well.
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