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supermacy by Sublogic & inf

   -intro oh yes!

hmm.. just felt like making something, this is what came out of it
intro done for the party 7 sixtyfour kilobytes introduction competition 
it probably placed

kravitz/sublogic did the code
dreamer/sublogic did the music
tmk/inf did the graphics

charles scheffold and thomas pytel for pmode/w
avery lee for ve12
nichlas beisert for tinyxm

all the normal groups and people yo

(other stuff)
intro requires fast computer and gus for sound
8 megabytes memory 
quit by pressing esc
sorry for long precalc, faking rules

source compiled with watcom c 11.0 and tasm 4.0
all pictures and animation drawn in dp2e
module made in ft2

(final stuff)
yes it's supermacy not supremacy

(additional stuff)

(last stuff)
mail asjulsen@online.no for contact/source/chitchat etc.
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