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ok.  some kind of explanation maybe.

this is a piece of crap i coded one day when i was rather bored.
it was my first attempt at a 3d water effect .. i sort of screwed it
up the first time and did this instead.. i think i got the actual
water thing working the next day or something .. anyway..

irc boredom strikes again.  that's the only reason this is here.
as the comments in the code say, it looks much better with a blur
filter.. blah.  i decided i could make this fit in 256 bytes, and 5
minutes later it did.  blah blah.  then i decided to mangle the code.
why not?  it was funny the last time i did it.. argh.

i deserve to lose.  it's 1am and i can't see properly.

hate mail: s348603@student.uq.edu.au
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