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Nuclear Waste Dump by Paradize [web]

            .  ...
            :..:.:                                                      __
    ___________:________________________    ____________________________\/_
   (\      ':\   \\   ':\      ':\    ':\  (\      ':\       ':\       \/\/
   | \________\ __\\_____\________\______\_| \________\_________\_________\
   | (         )  ||     (   __    )     |_!_(  __     )  __     )  __     \
   | |  ()     |  ||     |  (\ )___|     |   |   ______|         |         )
   ( |: ||     |: ()     |: (_\)__\|:        |: (_)    |: ()     |: ||     \
   | |  || \||'|____ '|  ____|__  __|  _  '|     ')  || '|    \/   '|  _  '|
_ _\ |: (|/\|) |: __  |____  | |: | |: ____|: |   |: !!  |: ||\/||  |: ____)_ _
    \(_________!______!______!\|__|\!______!______(______)__!! \!!__!__|ltk!
  _ ___________:_____________________________________________________________ _
           :..       [  .p. .a. .r. .a. .d. .i. .z. .e.  ]
  _ _________:_______________________________________________________________ _
                :     .n.  .u.  .c.   .l.   .e.  .a.  .r.
               .:     .w. .a. .s. .t. .e. .d. .u. .m. .p.
  _ ___________:____________________________________________________________ _

  Nuclear Waste Dump
  an action and reflexion game by Paradize
  (c) 2004-2006 by Simon Sunnyboy / Paradize
  System requirements
  * Atari STFM/STE/Falcon with atleast 1MB RAM
  * TOS in ROM
  * color display
  optional (if available on your machine):
  * joystick, jagpad
  * STE palette
  * Blitter
  * DMA sound

  The game was not tested with any multitasking OS. Before complaining
  that it does not work properly in Mint or Magic, please try with plain
  TOS as this is a ST game with Falcon compatibility, not a Falcon game.
  Distribution policy
  This game is FREEWARE and I want you to spread it. Please leave the
  distribution ZIP fully intact, do not change the docs or any single
  byte of the binary data.
  You just found a new job! At least that you should think when reading
  Nuclear Waste Dump.
  Your company invented a new method of disposing the waste products of
  nuclear reactions. Reactor fuel, dismantled atomic bombs, medical
  equipment and the like.
  Now you dump the barrels into the pit as long as you can.
  How many barrels will you manage to dump before the dump explodes?
  It is up to you!
  Running the game
  Doubleclick NWDUMP.PRG on the desktop to run the game.
  Watch the short intro sequence until the title screen appears.
  Press H to see the highscore table.
  Press I for short instructions.
  Press ESC to quit the game and return to the desktop. This will also
  save your scores to disk.
  Any other key or the fire button on your joystick or jagpad will
  start the game. You can use either the cursorkeys+SPACE, a joystick
  in port 1 or a jagpad in port A to control the game.
  Standing on the edge of the pit you are handed a container of nuclear
  waste, which you maneuver above the pit. Tap the button to drop it. 
  The barrel falls into the pit until it comes to rest. Simple, right? 
  Well, almost...

  There are four types of ordinary waste barrels, each having its own
  distinct shape and color. The catch is that a container may not end
  up on or next to a container of the same type. If it does, POW -
  the end of your little corner of the world!

  Momentary contact between barrels of similar waste is allowed. 
  For example, a container of Type 1 waste may be dropped onto another
  Type 1 container as long as it bounces to a different location and
  does not come to rest in contact with Type 1 waste.

  Due to the toxic nature of the barrels you have to dump them quickly
  to avoid contamination of yourself. If the countdown reaches zero
  the barrel will be dropped in the current position. This might be
  hazardous so react quickly and think before pushing the button.
  The countdown becomes faster with time to add that special piece
  of adrenalin to your blood.

  Beside the four standard barrels from time to time special barrels
  appear. They are intended to help you with your task.
  The TNT barrel can be dropped anywhere and it won't detonate in its
  rest position. However if you drop something on the TNT, it will
  detonate and erase all the barrels surrounding it. Ofcourse stacks
  of barrels will come down and may detonate the whole dump so be
  careful with the TNT!
  For some strange reasons unknown to the current state of physics
  this will not blow up the whole dump!
  The FREEZER barrel also won't detonate anything but it will freeze
  its direct neighbours. This will disarm them so you can savely drop
  anything on top or beside of them.
  Frozen barrels can be blown away with the TNT or be squished by the
  The WEIGHT barrel simply falls straight down and squishes all barrels
  in its way. A neat way to clear a full column of barrels.
  The game will end if the dump blows up or the stack of barrels exceeds
  the height of the concrete pit more than one row of barrels.
  You will score for each barrel that has been dumped successfully.
  The game will save your highscores properly to disk but only on proper
  exit of the game. Press ESC on the title screen for that.
  Known bugs
  - The game will run ok if you launch it from a medium resolution desktop.
    But GEM will be completely fucked up upon return. I don't know what's
    wrong, my code uses XBIOS exclusively to control the video mode.
    ST users should run the game from a low resolution desktop.
  - Falcon users running the game from ST-LOW will experience a completely
    black screen upon return. Run from VGA and all is ok.
  - DMA digi sound has different volume on Falcon and STE.
  - The highscore encryption is not that strong.
  Credits & Acknowledgments
  GFABASIC code...................... Simon Sunnyboy / Paradize
  Graphics and some design........... Minz / Paradize
  lots of great chip music........... Marcer / Paradize
  Gameover tune...................... Crazy Q / DHS
  Digi sound effects................. Aldn
  Paradize splash screen............. Sh3 / Reservoir Gods
  Ascii art logo..................... Lotek Style / TSCC
  SNDH replay........................ gwEm
  Jagpad & Falcon video init......... Swe / YesCrew
  DMA soundsystem init............... RA / Paradox
  ideas and betatesting.............. ST Survivor
  Special thanks:
  - Marcer: for the cool music and all those attempts to motivate me
  - ST Survivor: for all your ideas, input and generic support
  - Minz: for the ace graphics and the steady correction of my
          unplanned altering of your palettes
  - Cooper: for your support and valuable feedback on this delayed game
  - ggn: for your generic help, advice and everything else :)
  Last words
  This game has been in the works for quite some time. Actually a 75% beta
  was ready before Penta. I lost a lot of motivation in the meantime,
  mainly because my code was fit, I hadn't had any ideas anymore but nice
  looking graphics were missing. Those of you who remember the draft art
  in coder's colors know what I mean ;)
  Actually this is not a new game concept. Infact a remake of an idea I
  found in an old ANTIC magazine. I didn't copy the whole game but the
  name and the basic idea remain. Historically minded people may check
  Email............. Simon Sunnyboy / Paradize <marndt@asmsoftware.de>
  WWW............... http://paradize.atari.org/
  IRC............... #atariscne, #paradize
  Make sure to visit the Paradize website at http://paradize.atari.org/ and
  leave us a comment on IRC or in our forum at http://www.atari-forum.com!
  Cheers, stay cool and stay Atari!
  ... Simon Sunnyboy signing of on October 11th 2006.
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