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wild flying by Push Entertainment [web]

Short:        Wild Flying Demo for AmigaOS
Author:       Push-Entertainment
Uploader:     tony aksnes broadpark no (Tony Aksnes)
Type:         game/shoot
Version:      1.0
Architecture: m68k-amigaos
Distribution: Aminet

Wild Flying Demo (Dead Dreams)

Back in May 2002 we started on this project but due to problems getting skilled / motivated graphic artists we stopped working on it in autumn 2002.

The Engine was designed for AGA/NTSC mode and one of our goals was a 20fps performance, the engine was nearly completed and holds 3 diffrent weapons and 4 special weapons among other stuff.

This project is dead and we release it now "as it is" as a tribute to the classic Amiga community.
We released this demo now just to show what we made and what is possible to do on classic Amiga hardware for fun.

This game demo has joystick support only and the controls are:

LEFT/RIGHT - ship control
FIRE - fire
UP - super weapon
DOWN - mega bomb

Exploder - code,design,sfx
Tony Aksnes - design,project manager,gfx,playbility
Stranger - objects
Kai Thorsberg - music,speechs

AGA/RTG, 020-060, 16mb

This game is freely distributable but may not be altered/ripped in any way.

(c) 2002-2005 Push Entertainment.
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