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Star BBS (1) by Oxygen [web]

			  Ûßßßßßßß Û ßßßßßßßÛ
			  Û       ÛÛÛ       Û
			  Û      ÛÛÛÛÛ      Û
			   ÛÛÛß         ßÛÛÛ               
			  Ûß   star bbs    ßÛ
			  Ü   - bbstro -    Ü
			  ß ....oxygen....  ß

			released sometime 1995AD

		      pure 1oo% asm coding by jedi
	       with the companionship of kitsune, statix
			     and mantissa

------------------------------ -------- ----- - -
			 - - ----- ------- ----------------------------------

bung it in and run it, and if you dont have a gus, suffer.
------------------------------- -------- ----- - -
			 - - ----- ------- ----------------------------------

this was completed over an allnighter by jedi, while the others slacked
around playing one must fall and listening to music. jedi, as a result,
got bass headaches and an irritation to blue colours. as a stressed out
snag his veangeful sub-conscious has placed numerous strategic bugs to
ensure that it wont run perfectly on your machine.

we think it adds character.

------------------------------ -------- ----- - -
			 - - ----- ------- ----------------------------------
how did you guys start?
  basically, around april 94, after the closure of a few groups in perth
  oxygen was formed. within a few months all the slack do-nothing members
  were weeded out, and the group consisted of four members- jedi, kitsune
  statix and x-cell. june '94 came and oxygen released their first amateur
  effort for a local congregation called the c-party. it came first, and
  the response we got was pretty positive. since then there has been more
  member shuffling and numerous changes for the better.

what are you up to now?
  about 10 inches.

where do i sign up?
  umm, don't bother.. not unless you can withstand statix's singing monitor.

where should i start coding demos?
  from dos, type "echo y | deltree c:\".

------------------------------ -------- ----- - -
			     oxygen's members
			 - - ----- ------- ----------------------------------

handle     main tasks           age     machine
jedi       coder,musician        18     486dx33 vlb, 4mb ram, 1mb GUS, SB 1.5
kitsune    musician,graphician   17     a500, 1mb ram, wb2
statix     coder,miscellaneous   16     386dx40, 4mb ram, 1mb GUS, SB 2.2
mantissa   coder                 20     486dx266 pci, 16mb ram, 1mb GUS
trash      musician              19     486dx33. 8mb ram, 1mb GUS, tb multisnd

------------------------------ -------- ----- - -
			      major releases
			 - - ----- ------- ----------------------------------

dos (electronic programmers tar):

product      talent       description
cyanide.zip  kt/jd/stx/xc Cyanide Demo for the PC - won the 1994 C-Party
cyndptch.zip stx          Cyanide Patch for Lame Sound Cards (SB et al)
starp100.zip jd/stx       Starplayer - Best S3M player for the GUS yet.
tedium.zip   jd/kt/stx    An tetro about its title - tedium.
starp200.zip jd           Starplayer - MOD file support, 100% click free
startro.zip  jd/kt/stx    BBS Loader for Star BBS

amiga (the glorified doorstop):

product      talent      description
oxg-ultm.dms kt          ultimate music disk...
oxg-cyrx.dms kt          Cyarax music disk....
drw_slrv.dms kt          SleepRaving music disk...
oxg-eoke.dms kt          eOKIZEN music disk...
oxg-????.dms kt          a million other bloody music disks...

other interesting releases:

product      talent      description
r-delivr.zip jd          Deliverance. 2nd Placed Rookie Entry in Music
			 Contest ][.

** kitsune also releases lots of music, way too many to list here.

------------------------------ -------- ----- - -
			    distro/support bbs
			 - - ----- ------- ----------------------------------

absolute zero      +61-9-246-11o7    whq        statix
 dmp, inertia player, galaxy, midas, klf..
mindflux           +61-2-416-2513    ehq        force format
 trilogy nswhq, reality whq, heretics sozhq, dissonance distro..

cyberoptica        +1-6o2-814-8100   eushq      cerulean
 identity senior staff, ace, broken, arctic, obv/2 beta
realm of insanity  +1-2o3-568-15o2   nushq      god speed
 relic, iridium, dark us, klf, union member, nation member..
borderline reality +1-414-656-0205   usdist     berky
 bc/itc/gcn/grind/rgs nets, tons of affils.
speak to statix if you'd like to join in.

------------------------------ -------- ----- - -
			  how to speak to oxygen
			 - - ----- ------- ----------------------------------

if you have access to the internet, a good place to start would be to mail
one of us:

    <member>@oxygen.it.com.au, or directly...
	jedi                    jedi@omen.com.au
	statix                  kimba@it.com.au
	mantissa                sjm@it.com.au
	kitsune                 ua.gro.ygolohcysp.esrever@enustik
	trash                   jlchong@tartarus.uwa.edu.au

if you have access to a modem, another groovy way to do it is to call
the world headquarters.

------------------------------- -------- ----- - -
				in closing
			 - - ----- ------- ----------------------------------

a final word from :

jedi: Faaaaark!!! Another faaarking virus!!! If you havn't got a virus,
      then you have one now... least i have.... and now  you all have...
      so sucked in and i hope you have as much fun getting rid of it 
      as we did.... :) tai-pan we looove you!!

kitsune: Hmm I remember what happened last time I typed a textfile...
	 God that dragged... keep an eye out for the new intro which
	 will give everyone a shock.... btw earwax i hope you get hit
	 by a semi-trailer and survive with no limbs and full 

statix: A new intro? since when? what? its supposed to be for christmas?
	this is placing very serious demands on my time, kitsune :)
	irc awaits :)

mantissa: Fuck the critics, yo' fuck fuck the critics....

---------------------------------------------------------- -------- ----- - - 
				  o x y g e n           
- - ----- ------- -----------------------------------------------------------

still reading?

ok well, here is our hitlist of things we hate:
aaron hughes
jason ezekiel
certain people with egos the size of everest
our neighbours who don't tolerate our noise
our computers that don't tolerate our code
statix's singing monitor
mantissa's missing shared linux libraries
jedi's code
kitsune's monitor
kitsune's dog
the distance from the coke supply
statix's lilo, virii and cmos
american talk show hosts
the things that keep falling over under our feet at 3am
the star bbstro music that jedi keeps playing over and over and over
  .. and over and over and over and over and over.
the real thing music that statix keeps playing over and over and over.
kitsune's singing over and over and over.

and we love:
configure by char that mantissa keeps playing over and over and over and over
 .. "let's configure your ultrasound card..."
our cool coke can skyscraper
our ample supply of speakers
mantissa's computer
kryten, rimmer and crew
mantissa going and buying us cartons of coke
karen redhead, well, mantissa at least..
our horny little starman at the top of the document

and we greet:
VINH NGUYEN! WE LOVE YOU! ARE YOU THERE VINH??????? VINH??? HELLO????????????? ARE YOU THERE VINH???????????????? HEY VINH????? HELLO?????????????????? VINH???? VINH?????

and finally..
  "a house without coke aint no house but a joke" -mantissa
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