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Eden by Psychic Monks

                              Version 2.0
                             Psychic Monks

        The production of Eden has been a bit of a bizzare process for
everyone involved.  It began about 3 weeks before NAID when Andy and I 
were riding on the train home from our dismal spring break.  We kicked 
around some silly ideas for a fun demo that we could slap together 
quickly without too much effort or concern for the quality of it.
We decided on doing a music video type of concept which, of course, did 
carry over into the final version.  Originally, however, it was going
to be a happy dance type of music video with a typical happy Necros 
tune going on in the background.  I don't remember being in a particularly 
bad or warped mood over the next couple of weeks when I did the 
rendering, but the video/demo certainly took a more ominous twist by the 
time it was finished!  In any case, we all ended up putting quite 
a bit of effort into the production during the two days it took 
to form something coherent from all the rendering that was done.
I would like to thank: Andy (Necros) for putting together a fantastic
industrial tune, Travis (Solstice) for helping out big time with some 
rendering and word sequences, and Carlos (Pelusa) for the kick ass Digital
Sound Interface Kit that he has blessed us with.

 - Likuid Krystal
        Although I compressed the full screen renders as much as I could,
I was unable to fit all of them in memory for computers with 4 megs of RAM
(such as my own).  So I included a command line switch (4meg) that allows
the demo to run on machines with 4 megabytes on them.  Here's an example
of the switch:

c:\demos\eden> eden 4meg 

Don't put any dashes or slashes in front of the 4meg or it won't work.
Please note that if you have less than 4 megabytes of RAM this demo will 
NOT work!  Since I could not fit all the bitmaps in memory, you will
experience a pause in the middle of the demo as it loads in the remaining 
scenes, so don't panic, it didn't crash.  If you have a Gravis Ultrasound
and 4 megabytes of memory, it MIGHT all fit in there since the music won't
take up system memory, but I doubt it.  

No matter how much RAM you have, I suggest a completely CLEAN boot before
running this demo.  There is one more requirement that this demo needs
before I forget: at least a 486-33 cpu. I'm scared to think what a 386
would do to the poor demo!

The future:
        I have no idea where the Psychic Monks are going in the future.
We were kind of unofficially dead before we whipped out Eden so now I'm
taking any future production to be anything that Andy, Pelusa, and I have
time to work on together outside of other projects that we are involved with.

How to reach us:
        The Psychic Monks involved with this demo are the following:

Likuid Krystal (Brian Ramage) email- bramage@ic.sunysb.edu
Necros (Andrew Sega)          email- asega@ic.sunysb.edu
Pelusa (Carlos Hasan)         email- chasan@dcc.uchile.cl
Solstice (Travis Eastman)     email- teastman@ic.sunysb.edu

        I thought traditional greets would not quite fit with the
demo's motif, so I put them here - not quite as glamourous but at
least it won't waste the time of those who could care less....

Necros - whee ok i would like to send wonderful hellos to all of the
         sparkling people i met at NAID, I don't feel like dredging
         my brain for all the names, but you probably know who you
         are anyways :> cheers to the Legend Design crew, the FM
         members, and of course big big greetz to the people who voted
         my song first place and got me a GUSMax! (yay no more shitty
         SB crackle)... in any case take some drugs and watch this demo,
         it's good for the soul. c-ya.

Solstice - glee. greets.  well, hello to James Patrick Kelly and a whole
         lot of other people nobody knows and everybody should, as well as
         thanks to the PM crëw in general.  Um, i guess i should also thank
         Underworld and ∩│∩ for poetic inspiration.  ltr.

Likuid Krystal - I would like to thank George Orwell, Nietzsche,
         and Aldous Huxley for some of the imagery involved.  Greets
         go to all of you demo coders out there (we have to gang up
         on all of those musicians who are crowding the scene :), everyone
         I met at NAID; Friar comes particularly to mind as I write this
         in the misery of the cold he passed to half the people who stayed
         in the Kosmic room!!  Finally greetz to all of you IRC lamers out

Hehe, thought it would be amusing to put this in here...

Date: Fri, 21 Apr 1995 17:32:21 -0400
To: bramage@ic.sunysb.edu
Subject: Re:  Demo!

Hi... you did a demo for NAID? Great. I dont have to much greetz. The
other account (cec.uchile.cl) has been closed for 3-4 months so far.


PS: Thanks. :0

Pelusa - greets: The Psychic Monks

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