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Colorful Tentacle (aka Errors per Second)

 COLORFUL TENTACTLE (Aka errors per second)

Name:           Colorful Tentacle
Coder:          nitro2k01
Date released:  August 24 2006
Platform:       js
Type:           512b
Requirements:   For FF 1.5 - 3.2 GHz CPU,
                2048 MB RAM. Mem leaks... ):
                Opera 9: 1 GHz CPU, 256 MB RAM
                IE6 - 1.5 GHz CPU, 256 MB RAM


    To:  Pouët staff

    nitro2k01 is a lamer who can't even look 
   before posting images. He's has not 
  released any demos or otherwise contributed 
   to the demo scene. Therefore nitro2k01 
should be banned for life from pouët, and 
  from all demo parties ever to take place.


     The Undersigned 

        Myself ironically on petitiononline.com

                "come on.. don't make petitions, 
                                make demos!"
                 ekoli in the pouët 
             oneliner, August 24 2006
And so I did. It's a little one hour 512b demo. It
pretty much sucks. Both the hour and the half 
kilobyte could have been used for better stuphph.
I'm tired when writing this, and there are both one
and three things that you could improve with the code.
But still I'm kinda satisfied with the prod. I 
doesn't look _that_ bad, I kept the 512b.

p01: I know you are reading this. I know you can't 
resist it! You're wondering what's happening with
my supa-leet javascript engine, right?
Well, first off, there wasn't much to see. It was 
just a basic generated image. Second off, it 
(+a whole lot other things) got lost when the 
HD crashed. 
Let's see if I have the power to re-write what I 
lost. It wasn't even good anyway.

Peace, over and out /nitro2k01

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