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pb:3|734 by MovSD [web]

pb:3|734 by MovSD
64K intro for Buenzli 15
August 2006

  Code, 3D and visuals by Shakul
  Music by Nula/Marshals
  Also uses minifmod and upx


Command line switches:
  -window = run in a window
  -fullscreen = run fullscreen (default)

  Modern nVidia or ATI graphic card with recent drivers installed.

Notes about compatibility:
  I used GL_EXT_framebuffer_object extension a lot, because it is the simplest
  and most efficient way of rendering into an OpenGL texture. Other methods are
  either slow, cumbersome, or both.
  However, since this extension is still quite recent (2004), it might still be
  unsupported by older hardware or outdated drivers.
  If you suffer from this limitation, please let me know (get the e-mail address
  from http://nuane.com/).

Platforms reported to work:
  AMD Turion 1800Mhz, ATI Mobility Radeon x700 128MB
  P3 800Mhz, nVidia GeForce 5200 FX 128MB
  Intel Core Duo 1.4GHz with recent nVidia

      Shakul / MovSD
      Buenzli 15, Winterthur, Switzerland, 19th August 2006

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