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Gazh by x-zone

                GAZH By X-Zone

Gazh was released at pool-position in May'98.

It should run on dos/win95 on every Pentium, but
since it's not very well optimized you should have
at least a P133. 

But in a year everyone will have 
a P400 so who  cares ;) (But fast processors is no
excuse for slow code).

The demo is using Midas sound system (thanx Sahara
Surfers :) and supporting SB, Gravis Ultrasound, bla,

Dos4gw is also required and should be in your dos 
directory (NOT in the same directory as GAZH.EXE).


Main code:      Aeroba
Music    :      Tribal
Gfx      :      Glazer
Add code :      Stranger
Add gfx  :      Cloud

Moral support:  Zabler
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