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Flash Reality by The Scampers [web]

 Flash Reality - Assembly 2003 Browser Demo Compo Entry

+ About Flash Reality. What is it good for?

  Flash Reality is a tribute to Second Reality by the 
  Future Crew. In 2002 Goo had the idea of making a revival 
  of Second Reality using Flash. The idea was to remind of 
  the greatest demo ever. Since Flash has very poor graphic
  performance, a lot of tricks were needed to recreate the
  effects used in Second Reality.

+ About Scampers. Who are these guys?

  Scampers is a small demogroup from Austria, consisting of
       Franz Rinnerthaler - 
       Phil Wagner
       Coding, Graphics - philip@scampers.org
       Mike Adelmann

+ 100% Realtime. No Animation Included. What does this mean?

  All effects you see in Flash Reality are created by applying 
  different Flash capabilities. 3d Objects are calculated in
  realtime by our own 3d engine. There are no pre-rendered
  parts, except the sinus animation on the 3d-cube.

+ System Requirements. Can I run it on my 486?

  Due to the poor performance of Flash you should have at
  least a Pentium 4 2.5GHz for a smooth demo playback. It was
  optimized for the competition system with 3.0Ghz!

+ Greetings. Are they really needed?

  Yeah, of course. And they go out too:
  Our Girlfriends
  Psi  (Why couldn't you just give us the source code, ha?)
  Riot (We were at the Assembly!)
  Macromedia (a buglist of Flash is on the way!)
+ www.scampers.org. Why should I go there?
  For further information and more releases.
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