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Demonic by Refinition & Dimercis


Copyright(c) DIMERCIS (Mika Rantonen, Jarkko Kuosmanen, 
Aleksi Rantonen, Mika Schulman, Pentti Nakari) 1998

This Demo is not finished!

The deadline is closing so I don't have much time to write
this file, but here's a short list of possible solutions for
possible troubles you encounter when trying to run this demo.

This demo uses Midas Sound System, DirectX5, 3Dfx's OpenGL Beta
drivers and Visual Basic 5 runtime libraries to run. All the required
files are enclosed but we had no time to test if this demo works on
a system that has no Visual Basic 5 installed. But it should work
anyway, if the program doesn't start at all, you might want to try
these solutions, move Msvbvm50.dll to your Windows' system directory, 
you can also try moving Midas11.dll, and oh yeah you can always 
use it on a machine with VB5 (but it should work on any machine 
regardless of Visual Basic)


   I gotta go ------

    Mika Rantonen / mrantone@nettilinja.fi
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