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The UFO Project by orange & NoooN

       " Û  Û  Üßßß ÜßßÜ "
         Û  Û  Ûß   Û  Û              Barti /Nooon
          ßß   ß     ßß               Laurent CANCE
           - PROJECT -                30 rue Pablo Picasso
 Ú                              ¿     81160 Saint-Juery FRANCE
 ³ Art & Concept -> Zeb /Orange ³
 ³ Kode & Music -> Barti /Nooon ³     Zeb /Orange
 À                              Ù     Simon NOGRABAT
                                      14 rue Pablo Picasso
   .All authorized.                   81000 Albi FRANCE
   .<600 ko conventional memory.
   .1.5MO of extended memory.

  Thanx to KARL for laugh support.    Thanx to HOPLITE for stunts.
  Thanx to HAPLO for his recipes.     Thanx to RA for driving the UFO.
  Thanx to KPC for being himself.     Thanx to DER PIIPO for his rasta hair.
  Thanx to DUNE for not being in Hoplite's house when the UFO took it...or
  40 tons crashed it ... huh... or the moon ? phffff...
  Thanx to SHAD for his samples.      Thanx to NOOON and ORANGE for
  Thanx to Ukko for his lazer.        being friends.
                        - 1995 UFOS WORLD DOMINATION -
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