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POM '99 Demo Entry by Hackers Against Rap & Disco

HARD POM '99 Demo Entry

3 Sections:  Press -A- to continue onto each section.
Pressing -Start- toggles the music.

Concept: Data Dragon
Backgrounds and Logos: _cyryx_
Music:  Vogue/Triton
Programming: TS_Garp
Additional graphics: Secrets
Testing: Zodi, _cyryx_, WT_Riker, TS_Garp, microman
Mod Player: Lac
Source Base: Dynamix #5
Programming assistance: #N64dev/EffNet

Scroll font: Battlefield TTF
Model font: Courier New, Bold; Battlefield

Tools used:

PsyQ C compiler/assembler/linker - Code development
3D Studio MAX r2.5 - model creation
Paint Shop Pro 5.01 - texture creation
Photoshop 5 - logo/background creation
Nugraf Rendering System - model conversion to OpenGL C source
ogl2dl - model conversion to source
ppm2c - texture conversion to source
bmpsplit - background/logo conversion to source
PFE - Text editing

HARD - Hackers Against Rap & Disco.
Members: Data Dragon, Chello, TS_Garp, JelCoat.
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