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Barkebilleboogie by Dark CodeX Crew [web]

.¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨\ .¨¨¨\/-~_ /C¨¨¨¨\
|##~ ::d D\##~~dddD\cC/--\ | 
|#d|.--\dD|#~|.--\dD  #   \|  
|Dd|    :D|Dd|    :D #|
|Dd|    :D|dd|    :D #|
|Dd|.__/ D|Dd|.__/dD# \__/| 
|DeeddeeD/|Deedddeec      |
._______/ |.___[DCC]/\C___/2006

by Dark Codex Crew

A PC Demo entry for The Gathering 06

Platform: Win32, DirectX9

-:: Credits ::-

Code: DigitalErr0r
Zpiff, kroz, sabotender, LostCucumber
Bredholy, Higen, DigitalErr0r, The Gifster

excess, haujobb, kvasigen, playpsyco, Digital Angles, Outracks, keyboarders,
inf, moondreamers, odd, Razor 1911, fairlight, Yaphan, Ephidrena, Boozing Kuposz,
progress, taat, spaceballs, kewlers, all the good peoples at #scene.no 
and the wonderfull TG 06 democrew <3<3  (u all pwns!")

Copyright DCC 2006
			- Use my shoes for free!!

PS: Hasselhoff > Chuck Norris
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