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Cafre 2 by Stravaganza [web]


                      C  A  F  R  E      2

            S   T   R   A   V   A   G   A   N   Z   A            

      ·CAFRE2                                               .

                       Ithaqua : Code, Synch
                       TeKnO   : Graphics, Design
                       Shock   : Mask Picture
                       Wonder  : Soundtrack

      ·System Requirements                                  .

                                   2GHZ Intel Compatible CPU
           Fast 3D Graphics card with updated OpenGL drivers
                                             128MB Video RAM
                                   No pixel shaders required

      ·Contact                                              .

           Bugs                :           ithaqua@maptel.es
           Comments            :        crew@stravaganza.org
           URLs                :     ithaqua.stravaganza.org

      ·Troubleshooting                                      ·

           Please run "sgz_cafre2.exe -log" and send the
           log.txt to ithaqua.

      ·Additional Notes                                     ·

           We always wanted to make a sequel, so here it is.
           Done in a rush, no time for optimizations nor
           proper testing. Sorry for that :)
           Special thanks to Shock for delivering his picture
           in such a short time.

     Madrid, Spain, 14-04-2006                              .
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