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Pinball Dreams C64 (Preview) by Xenon

This is the readme file belonging to the Breakpoint 2006 release of Pinball Dreams C64..

As many of you might have noticed, the game is not finished.. not even remotely. A lot of things still have to be done to make a game out of it, but I decided to release it anyway.

Pinball Dreams C64 is an ongoing development and you can always download the latest version from :


For people who are more than interested in how things work, I also made all our development files available, you can get them here :

(please only download if you're really interested!) http://www.interstyles.nl/Dev.rar (please only download if you're really interested!)

The development pack is FAR from being a userfriendly set of tools & sources, but you can always ask for help if you need it : werner@vanloo.org

Now it's time to give thanks and credit where it's due.

Code by WVL/Xenon and Jackasser/Instinct
Music by GRG/Shape+Onslaught+a-lot-more-groups and A-man/Xenon
Graphics by Jailbird/Booze Design, TMR/Cosine, Deekay/Crest and TCH/Brutal+Oxyron

Further thanks must go out to :

Oswald : for your nice pixel proggy, which turned out to be really useful for my purpose :D
Krill : for some good suggestions

And finally some Big Cheers to :

All people (see above) who helped me with this release, Digital Illusion guys (Andreas), My Xenon groupmates, Fulco, DCMP, Clarence, Graham, HCL, Bamboo, Streettuff, C0, CBA, Burglar, Moren, Nightshade, TiM, Scout, Fungus, Hollowman, Sander, Hein, Mirage, TDJ, too many people that I can't remember right now...



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