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Drive it like you stole it by Jonathan O'Brien

Drive It Like You Stole It

	written by Jonathan O'Brien

	version 1.0

Entry Type

	A car game where the objective is to destroy the other car as opposed to winning races.

System Requirements

	CPU >= 3GHz
	Video >= Radeon 9600
	Tested on Win2K and XP


	Arrow Up - accelerate
	Arrow Down - brake / reverse
	Arrow Left - steer left
	Arrow Right - steer right

	Mouse to aim gun, mouse button 1 to fire

	F - reset car orientation
	R - reset position. There are still issues with getting stuck in/on objects. This is how to free yourself


	Unzipping the archive will create 2 directories: ./CS and ./dilysi
	The folder CS is the crystal space engine dlls etc.
	You need to create an environment variable to point to this folder.

	Go into Control Panel -> System -> Advanced and you should see the Environment Variables option. Click new then
	enter CRYSTAL for the name and the CS folder for the value attribute - eg. C:\CS

	The folder ./dilysi is the game.
	Run start.bat to play.
	Look for the red target sphere - this is where your gun is aimed.
	Shoot at the other car. That's about it. There is one ammo point, look for the blue particle system.

	57 Chevy model by blackbird997. Downloaded from www.turbosquid.com
	20s Car model by Stryker. Downloaded from http://www.3dm3.com/
	Soundtrack by DJ Osiris
	Crystal Space open source engine - CVS version - 7 Feb 2006
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