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Bongo in the Congo by Instinkt

Bongo in the Congo

Created by Joel Blackwell, with help from his master programmer of a brother, Kurt.  If there's anything wrong with the game, you can blame Joel, who's an artist gone programmer, with training wheels still attached.


About Bongo in the Congo

Bongo in the Congo is a simple game, designed for the Australian Nullabor games and demo development competition of 2006.  It's a similar game to Sega's brilliant Typing of the Dead, except that it's not in 3D, doesn't have zombies, plays nothing like it, and is set in the Congo jungle instead of a city.  Other than that, it's hard to tell the two apart.

Seriously though, Congo is a simple 'typing tutor' kind of game.  It's deceptively hard (especially on insane) and can provide a good few minutes challenge for people who think they have amazing skills when it comes to typing on a keyboard.  Also, it's a good game for kids to learn the basics of typing, while looking at the screen.  And, hopefully in the process, not end up like myself who types with two fingers while staring face down :)

Anyway, it's free, and it's designed mostly by a newbie programmer.  My hope is that in some way or another, you enjoy playing it.


You can contact me on hail@lostrealm.com if need be.

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 95/98/Me/XP
Pentium II 266Mhz
64 MB RAM (128MB or more recommended)
DirectX 7 compatible video card
DirectX compatible sound card
15 MB free hard disk space  
3D video card with at least 16MB of video memory and D3D drivers

Bongo in the Congo will create a small config file to remember you resolution choice.

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