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Shine On by Code & Light Sorcerers

        shine on
        64k intro final version (win32)
        retro of code and light sorcerers

        code - Gekko
        music - Beatmaster
        modelling - Wad

        party version
        MXMPLAY - Niklas Beisert
        DOS4GW STUB - QA Software
        UPX - L szl¢ Moln r, Markus Oberhumer

        final version
        JUDAS Sound System - Cadaver, Yehar, Archee, Gekko
        UPX - L szl¢ Moln r, Markus Oberhumer

        The party version is for DOS only.
        It requires DOS4GW.EXE, GUS and 320x240x32.
        The final version is for Windows'95 or later.
        It requires DirectX.

        So,  that  was our last intro. It was done in a big hurry, and
        released at the Jumper'99 party.

        There are a few things to mention...

        About the text scrolling - if you are not Hungarian I doubt if
        you  have ever heard of our group, because we were active only
        in the Hungarian demo scene.

        A   few   thoughts  about  the  Jumper'99  party.  This  intro
        successfully  came  out  the  second  again,  as all our other
        intros  did.  However  I  don't  consider  this  intro a party
        release, not more than I consider Jumper'99 a demoscene party.
        It  was  a  big...  hmmm.  The voting was not really under the
        control  of the organizers, but to compare this with the other
        "events"  at  the  party,  this  was not even a really serious
        problem. Oh well...

        "It is slow."
        No, it isn't. Just try to write a 3d engine of this complexity
        which  runs at a better speed! You may consider it slow if you
        compare  with  some of nowadays' demos, but most of the people
        are  still  using  simple  non-filtered texture mapping, often
        even  without  shading!  Here there is true color shading, and
        there  are  multiple  omni  and  spot  lightsources,  they are
        moving,  changing  their  color,  and so on, and everything is
        refracted  on  the surfaces! There is bilinear filtering, even
        on the coronas (you know, those little light flares).

        You  could  say  people  should code routines that run well on
        machines  which  are  _now_  common.  Well,  I  think  that as
        Celerons  are  flooding  our  planet  nowadays,  this  intro's
        requirements are nothing too exotic. Well, despite all this, I
        want  you to know that I still have a pentium 100 mhz. So shut
        up! ;)

        Also,   the  soundplayer  uses  software  mixing  with  sample
        interpolation  for  higher sound quality. This makes it slower
        as well...


        Code and Light Sorcerers

        gekko - programming gekkouno@hotmail.com
        wad - 3d modelling wad@netchicken.hu
        beatmaster - music bmaster@elender.hu

        Sword           64kb intro   #2 at Jumper'97
        Greenworld      advert demo  #1 at Flag'98
        LSD             64kb intro   #2 at Rage'98
        Beyond          64kb intro   #2 at Antiq'98
        Shine On        64kb intro   #2 at Jumper'99

        cls.hu@usa.net - this address remains alive

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