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Shema by Nah-Kolor [web]

                                  S H E M A

                               Nah-Kolor 1998

Porno Surfer (Code): Metal Designer
Lammahdudes (Additional Code): Hedgehog, Scout

EgoBoy (Gfx): Frame
Sexy Mexican Maids (Additional Gfx): Danny, Fra, Mrk

Funky Aeroplane (3d object): Tudor

Apache Rose Peacock (Tune): Muffler

This  intro  is  a result of Masses, irc chats, some discoalternativeparties,
various  litres  of  beer,  wine, gin lemon, and some other alcoholic liquid,
listening  to  Iggy  Pop, Blur, Garbage, Red Hot Chili Peppers.  The supposed
design  has  nothing  to  do  with  blasphem, just would evidence differences
between  Up  &  Down  life,  ever if I (Md) was able to make that.  Could God
forgives me!   
Originally Shema should be relased at Assembly '98, but the organizers of one  
http://recordz.trsi.deof the most important parties around, found problems to 
write  a  name  in  the  votelist:  some years ago i heard a couple of danish
sceners  say  "Back  to School" :) 
Dedicated  to  all friends who gave me their moral support like Rio (sorry if
now is public what you make of your back :D).

Visit Nah's house at www.nah.dom.pl and TIG '98 at www.metro.it/tig98
(Pescara - Italy - 11/14 September).
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