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Deep Pan by Efreet

     Finally, after 2 years of (more or less intense) development,


                 is proud to present a 40k demo called

                       DeepPan - the final slice

         Main coding and design:                     Blueberry

         Sample calculation, main music,
         endscroller, font, textures and design:     Lemmus

         Music for the 'Fade From White' part:       Existence

Some technical data:
Requires 020+, AGA, 1.5 MB free chip memory and 3.7 MB free fast memory.
Total size of sources: 260kB, counting more than 15000 lines.
Unpacked size of music (in ProTracker format): 322kB.
Precalculation time: about 50 seconds on '060 (DOH!).

Some words about the effects, in order of appearance:

Name             Description                   Differences from TP7 version
----             -----------                   ----------------------------
Liquid           Animated, refracting          New background and colours.
                 bumpmap.                      Some text.
Logos            Multiple lightsourced,
                 RGB gouraud shading.
                 Polar wrapped plasma.
Tunnel           Texture mapping + gouraud.    Wipe from logos.
Credits          Motion blur...                Wipe from tunnel. Works.
FadeFromWhite    Env-map, splat, motion blur.  Being there.
Croisant tunnel  Texture-map + phong.
Greetings        Crossfading zoomrotator.      'Efreet greets:'. Details.
Endscroller      3-layer parallax scrolling    Adjusts to the speed of the
                 casting shadows. Realtime     computer. New text.
                 env-mapping of font.

If you want to contact Efreet, write to:

Blueberry of Efreet
Aske Simon Christensen
Bodøvej 120
8200 Århus N

Lemmus of Efreet
Rune Zedeler
Peter Rørdamsvej 19
2800 Lyngby

Well, only thing left to say: Enjoy the demo!
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