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Wired 94 Invitation by Antares

                           º W I R E D  9 4 º

                      þ THE OFFiCiAL INViTATiON þ

                A Party Organized by Antares & Babylon 5

                 Written By Access / OrganiZer aNTaReS

        Thanks Wasting A Little Of Your Time Reading This Text File...

        You Will Found In This Package :

        - The Long Awaited Party Intro  ( Sorry For The Delay But I Have
          Prefered Delaying It A Bit(????) And Bug-Fixing It A Little More(???)

        - The OFFiCiAL iNViTATiON FOR WiRED  ( Original + Update )

        - A Map Of Mons For Helping You Getting From The RailRoad Station To
          The Party Place.

        The Intro Has Been Tested On The Configuration :

        - 386Dx33, 386Sx25, 486Sl25, 486Dx33
        - Novell Dos 7, Msdos 6, MsDos 5

        If you encounter Problems, Try Removing Your Memory Manager.
             ( Take Care! EMS is Used By The SoundSystem )

        550 Ko Should Be Enough For Running The Demo If You Have Some EMS

        The Default Replay Rate is 16.000 Hz. If The Demo is Too Slow, Try
        lowering It By Using the -M Switch ( For Using 12000 Hz Replay Rate
        Type  WIRED -M12000 ). For VERY Slow PC Like 386Sx, Better Turning
        The Sound Off. ( You Could Listen The Module Easily, He is Located
        in the WIRED.MZK File ).

        Some Infos About The GFX :

        - The Antares Logo in The TextWritter Part Was Draw By Herr Cichlid Of
          HyperNova ... Thanks A Lot !

        - The Antares Logo At The Beginning ( With The Scorpion ) Was Draw
          By Our New GFXman .... Great Job !

        - The Babylon 5 Logo At The Beginning Was Rendered By Seyda/Babylon 5

        - All Others GFX By aCceSs/aNTaReS

        And Don't Miss The Secret Part ! =)

PS. For Address List, See OFFICIAL.ENG

        [ aCceSs/ OrganiZer aNTaReS ]
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