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Transformers by Eufrosyne

           (   T   R   A   N   S   F   O   R   M   E   R   S   )
                 A u t o b o t  v s .  D e c e p t i c o n

                  a 64k Intro by Eufrosyne at The Party'98

                             ( C R E D I T S )

                           Suckho - Code, Design
                       Bay Tremore - Graphics, Music

                            ( C O N T A C T S )


                           ( G R E E T I N G S )

                Byterapers, Doomsday, Damones, Hirmu, Scoopex
                     Revelation, Haujobb, Orange, Complex
                         Radio, DCS, Halcyon, Paragon

                                ( N O T E )

                This intro was originally made for Assembly'98
             demoparty but it was never shown in the compo because
              it had some serious problems finding videomodes in
              the competition machine. Because I like this intro
               quite a lot I didn't want to release it until now
             at The Party'98. I planned to make some modifications
             after Asm'98 but due to my military service I haven't
                had time so this version is almost same as the
              Asm'98 version. I hope it works now and will kick
                  some ass in the intro competition. enjoy.

                                                10.10.1998 Suckho

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