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heartland 2000 by TOS-Crew

Mr Ni! proudly presents:

Heartland 2000

An adaption of the original Heartland game by Tony 
Greenwood (Stosser software). Now it is running in 
one VBL on all Atari compatible machines.

cursorkey's: left, right and jump
space: jump
joystick: left, right and jump
jaguar gamepad: left right and jump (not tested, 
                only on STE and Falcon)
m: show map
r: show processor time left rasters
s: toggle sample (STE, Falcon), soundchip, effects 
   and no-sound
Esc: quit game
c: toggle sizzy and sazzy
h: toggle 50/60 Hz (ST, STE only), on 8 MHz machines 
   the game runs only at 50 Hz in one VBL

Included is the complte source code of the game. For 
thos who are interested.

17-12-2000 Mr Ni! (the Great) of the TOS-crew at the 
"ST News International Christmas Coding Convention 2000"
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