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Fridge by Reflection & tHE Torrent Project

                                                        Sweden 20-12-2097

An important thing to remember for the ppl involved in the Torrent Project.

Copyright (c) 1997 by Spyko / coder of tHE Torrent Project
Happy Xmas to everyone out there!!

	petrik.clarberg@swipnet.se		- e-mail
	http://home4.swipnet.se/~w-44673/	- coding page
	http://www.torrent-project.org/		- soon to come (?)

Possible bugs:
        The wait for vertical retrace may fail on some weird computers.

Technical stuff:
        The reason to why the intro isn't fullscreen is that the water
        buffers are made up of words, 256*128*2 = 64k  so that
        I don't have to change segment during the water calculations ;)

        The are some obvious optimization left to do, like using ret
        to terminate, but I find it safer to use int 20h, which is just
        one byte larger. I do also want the intro to look nice, not
        just to be small.

To all lamers:
        I know it's easy to change the text... Don't get any ideas.

Some greets to random people..
        Everyone involved in The Torrent Project
        All other coders, graphicians and musicians
        Everyone I know
        etc etc
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