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Undercover Magascene #08 by The Naughty Bytes

Some important notes

Some people told me, that Undercover VII did not run on VGA-Monitors. First I
was a little bit surprised, but then I remembered, that some VGA-Falcon-
connections  result in faulty vsync-Signals. If you have this problem simply
start "TWINSYNC" coded by the one and only Sebozet/Spirits before running

Other problems occur on multiscans (at least on mine). The text sometimes
flickers. This probably happens because I'm changing the resolution 2 times
per frame to have ST-low-gfx and ST-med-text and the multiscan is not that
fast in fixing the screen. But this is just a guess. Maybee there's another
reason for that error... :-)

Flash asked me, if I could code a monochrome-version of Undercover, but I'm
not sure, if this is needed by anyone except him. If you want to read the
Undercover-articles on that humble SM124/144/compatibles, simply send me a
post-card. If there's some reply from you out there, I'll possibly code it.

Write to:

Lorenz Witte
Bunnenbergstr. 20
30165 Hannover
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