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Dark Hour by Sista Vip Corporation [web]

Added on 22.01.2014:

Sista Vip Corporation Presents:  Dark Hour v2.7 WIN+DOS

Source available (for TMT Pascal and Delphi).


Original NFO:

    Sista Vip Corporation presents it's new full quality product called

 ú -   þ     þ    þ   D A R K      H O U R      D E M O   þ    þ     þ   - ú
                       ~ ~ ~        ~ ~ ~        ~ ~ ~
                                 ...party-relase version buggybuggybuggy (tm)

....so here it is, the DARK HOUR DEMO.

Some words from Loooping:
First I must actually say that this demo was our first serious demo project.
The first, not the last! This one is a 256 colored demo uses mode13 and
640x480, (for 8 bit SVGA we used banked mode), for sound we used the great
Useless Sound System (let's make thing better than MIDAS!), so I think you
shouldn't get any problems with it. We got two command line parameters :
 dark ?    gives you help
 dark m    gives you the manual sound setup
 dark l    will loop the demo
ok, ok that's three, not two .

Oh, we got also a bug in the DEMO : in the 640x480 effect, it might
          þ hang up     þ exit    þ kill you computer
but don't worry, we will try to fix it.
Nothing more to say, I think.

Some words form Dr.Deadmake:
This demo was made without hurry in more than (we actualy don't know) months.
(Although with some breaks , because I had to work more than
one month several hours a day on a 3D-project to get it
finished 'only' one week after the deadline :) .  I also had
a phase where I had to learn (D)HTML/CSS and JavaScript in a
couple of days, just to build my personal website and send it
to a big company where I wanted to be trained as a 3D-designer.
Just to say it, the project won 1000DM ($500), the company
didn't answer yet. :)

Almost all things there were new to us as we did them,
except the second scene with the transparent waves which
was written by me [drdeadmake] a couple of weeks before
we started the demo.
We also couldn't use some libraries because we changed from
good old Borland Pascal to TMT Pascal, a pascal dialect for
32bit. As our old units were in 16bit asm, TMT didn't like
them, so everything had to be rewritten.

Time to send some thx (from Loooping)
 to Michael for the Dos4gW killing Extender
 to Freddy for the best Sound System I ever seen
 to the guy who invited mode13 for being a realy cool person
 to YOU for waching/reading such lame things

....here it comes, the compo-release.

We are realicing this demo on Mekka/Symposium 2000,
we have aripped picture in the demo because our GFX master
could be able to finish the pic till ms2k,
but we will relice the finished versio amideatly after ms2k.
1 minute to deadline.....


....here it comes, the current status.
Loooping speakes:
Several months are past since we done the last things for the demo.
No more interest to code in 8bpp, so the project was dropped.
Ok not realy dropped, we just do not do any stuff for the demo, but
I wanted to release this piece of work at Mekka/Symposium 2k, so
I removed some bugs, added one or two new effects, and finished the demo.

I'm currently writing a internal 16/32bpp (runtime switchable) graphic
library. It should be for Pascal users what PTC to the C coders is
[ I hope so :) ]. It's not ready yet, but I'm keep working on it.
In the near future I will port the Library to FPC, and maybe Delphi for win32
support. In the far future I will add a Linux support, I am tired of coding
for Bill's platforms, cause of lack of stability. Ok DOS is pretty stable,
can you say that about win? Me not!
Dr.Deadmake writes a true color Rendering Engine for my Lib.
(he is really happy to write the filling routines!)
Some day I will add a Glide support for the Engine, but it's future.

....here it comes, Sista Vip Corporation

At the moment, we are counting two regular members:

 Loooping    a coder,designer,musician.   SistaVip@yahoo(or hotmail).com
 DrDeadmake  a coder and a modeller.      DrDeadmake@businessnet.de

the temporary HomePage can be found at

We had a guest Pixler Sebi, he is not realy a scene oriented dude, he can
only draw nice pictures, at the beginning he was very interested of making
som gfx for us,but because of luck of time (job,girlfriend) he could't make
much for us.
Sebsta      can be contacted on  Sebstarr1@gmx.net

We all live in Hamburg, Germany and have visual contact
regularly, except for Sebi who is 24 and has a lot of
things to do beside the demo scene like job etc.

We have two coders, who are together the (almost) perfect coding unit.
I(drd) am only writing the raw effects, while Loooping is managing them
together and redesigning them ,as he manages the file,sound and graphics
systems. He also writes effects, links things together and does the most of

Sebstar rescues us from trying to draw ourselves, and he does it really well

What we REALLY would like to get are RESPONSES, just mail what
you liked (or not) in our productions. Our or our members'
releases till now are:
³þ    nAME     ù       tYPE    ú  pEOPLE iNVOLVED    þ _ x  ³ realiced on
³úÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄ ³
³Miracle Seasons ú demo completly done at ms2k by loooping  ³    ms2k
³                  msk by Storm gfx by Bifrost              ³
³úÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄ ³
³Komnata in 3d ú raytraced pic ú  Dr.Deadmake               ³    ms2k
³úÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄ ³
³ VipGfx       ú graph library ú Loooping                   ³ in beta stage
³úÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄ ³
³DARK HOUR     ú     DEMO      ú DrDeadmake,Loooping,Sebsta ³    ms2k
³úÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄ ³
³USS for TMT   ú library port  ú Loooping                   ³    ??.99
³úÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄ ³
³ Arcade       ú   32Kgame     ú DrDeadmake                 ³    ms2k
³úÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄúÄ ³
³ Invent99     ú  a joke intro ú Loooping                   ³    ??.99

Loooping's personal greetings:
 DemonKiller - na was geht?
 KevOne - wann machst du entlich die HP ??
 ReKo - Spasibo tebe (Ja nadejus wiesnet twoy e@mail adress, esli ti chetaesh eto , napish)
 MicroTom - Kak dela? (Ja nadejus wiesnet twoy e@mail adress, esli ti chetaesh eto , napish)
 ProgramFactory - hei Michi!
 Subbmessive (awlso knewd as EdelTorus on IRC) - for cool IRC chat
 _7750_ - Is this your real scene handle ? Thanks for explaying the fast way for 32to24bpp conversion

DrDeadmake's personal greets:
      #coders.ger, #coders, #3dsmax, #3dsmax.ger, #[-censored-] ;).
      NocTURN (naja glaub kaum dass du's liest:) [cWx]Daywalker (du
      eigentlich auch nicht...also kann ich sagen, dass q2spielen dumm
      macht :) Augustus (na, ich warte auf die CD...sag bloss du weisst
      nicht mehr :) D0NNer (hast du den virus wirklich deiner ex geschickt?)
      QUASAR ([QU454|2]) Lionheart (geile site mann...und die silvester-mail
      was auch nicht schlecht)

PS from Dr.Deadmake:
    If you are here now without skipping something, I'd like to
    send some gratulations to myself, being an endless good
    writer or maybe to you, having nothing to do at the moment.
    Anyway, if you ask yourself now why all this text, I just say
    1. I'm sorting out all the techno mods of my mod collection at the
       moment to place them on a single playlist, so I cannot code or
       so at the time :)
    2. If there were only 2 or 3 sentences, we'd rarely get some feedback.
       In a long text, it's easier to hide those hidden messages that
       force you to write something. You maybe have some questions etc? :)

PS from Loooping:
   We hope we can shere the scene spirit with you.
   We hope we will get a part of the scene soon.
   We hope you will accept us.
   We hope for the best.
   We don't hope to win the demo compo, not with this production

We hope you like Dark Hour and our past & future productions,

 > Sista Vip Corporation

      I can debug drugs by testing them on my self (Loooping).
      This secret part is really c000l­ (DrDeadmake)
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