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Time Shift by Mortal Compact

             Mortal Compact

               TIME SHIFT

     demo for Function 2005 party

7 years after Mortal Compact come back with 
   this demo to hungarian demoscene. 

       Idea, code, music - Bery 
 (3 weekend and part of jobtime works.
     Time is enough to nothing :-))

Usable parameters:
WINDOWED - windowed mode
NOVSYNC  - no vertical syncronise
SHOWFPS  - display frame per sec
{for example: TimeShift NOVSYNC SHOWFPS}

Requirements: DirectX9, 
              PixelShader 1.0 (recommended)

Deleloped with Borland Delphi 7.0
Thanks for music player to Ian Luck 
(BASS 2.1 - Copyright (c) 1999-2005 Ian Luck)

---===[ Mortal Compact - since 1996 ]===---
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