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The Distillation Tower of TOBY by Toby [web] & WAZA [web]

* release info

in 2ch party 2005 summer, released at 2005/08/27 

* name

"The Distillation Tower of TOBY"

* description

Please put blue water into the lower left.
Please do not put red water into the lower left.

It is clear if blue meter is made full.
It is game over when red meter is made full.

The lower right is a recycling place.

The number of fields is one.

* operation 

A mouse is used.

Left-click:   A block can be placed or erased. 
Right-click:  Fast forward

* config

F4: fullscreen
F5: Roll back

* copyrights

The Distillation Tower of TOBY: (c)TOBY/WAZA
OpenGL12.pas: (c)Mike Lischke
OpenXML: (c)1999-2003 Dieter Köhler
ZLIBEX.pas: (C)Roberto Della Pasqua
ZLIB: (c)Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler

WAZA http://www.tcc.pu-toyama.ac.jp/waza/
TOBY http://tobysoft.net/
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