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The Lynch by Nuclear Meltdown Productions [web]

                       N u c l e a r   M e l t d o w n
                       ÛßßßßÜ  ÛßßßÛ ÛßßßßÜ     ÜßßßßÛ
                       Û     ßÜÛ   Û Û     ßÜ Üß     Û
                       Û       ß   Û Û       ß       Û
                       Û   ÛÜ      Û Û   ÛÜ     ÜÛ   Û
                       Û   Û ßÜ    Û Û   Û ßÜ Üß Û   Û
                       ÛÜÜÜÛ   ÛÜÜÜÛ ÛÜÜÜÛ   ß   ÛÜÜÜÛ
                       P  R  O  D  U  C  T  I  O  N  S


                      ÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜ ÜÜÜ     ÜÜÜ ÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜ
                      ßßßßÛÛÛßßßß ÛÛÛ     ÛÛÛ ÛÛÛßßßßßß
                          ÛÛÛ     ÛÛÛÜÜÜÜÜÛÛÛ ÛÛÛÜÜÜÜÜÜ
                          ÛÛÛ     ÛÛÛßßßßßÛÛÛ ÛÛÛßßßßßß
                          ÛÛÛ     ÛÛÛ     ÛÛÛ ÛÛÛÜÜÜÜÜÜ
                          ßßß     ßßß     ßßß ßßßßßßßßß
         ÜÜÜ        ÜÜÜ       ÜÜÜ ÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜ     ÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜ ÜÜÜ     ÜÜÜ
         ÛÛÛ        ÛÛÛ       ÛÛÛ ÛÛÛßßßßßßÛÛÜ ÜÛÛßßßßßßß ÛÛÛ     ÛÛÛ
         ÛÛÛ         ßßßßÛÛÛßßßß  ÛÛÛ      ÛÛÛ ÛÛÛ        ÛÛÛßßßßßÛÛÛ
         ÛÛÛÜÜÜÜÜÜÜ      ÛÛÛ      ÛÛÛ      ÛÛÛ ßÛÛÜÜÜÜÜÜÜ ÛÛÛ     ÛÛÛ
         ßßßßßßßßßß      ßßß      ßßß      ßßß   ßßßßßßßß ßßß     ßßß

                                Final Version

                       - a NAiD '96 Demo contribution -
                       - Received 8th place out of 17 -

Note:  This is the final version of The Lynch.  It has an improved logo
and other minor changes over the version shown at the party.


Code:       Joe Snow
Graphics:   Esteban (noose and logo)
            Joe Snow (crayon drawings)
Gore Dude:  Clueless
Music:      Alexel / Distorsion

Technical Information

The Lynch was coded in:  99.5% C
                          0.5% Assembly
    It also uses:
        Midas Sound System
        the XLIB graphics library

This production includes:
                   20+ PCX's
                   actual recorded mouse movements
                   a big file called SLABFILE.DAT
                   a cool mod
                   a little code
                   funny ha ha jokes about the demo+WaR3Z scene...

The greetz were implied in the middle of the demo during the
"In Finland, a short time later..." segment, where a directory listing
was displayed.  If one of those directories had the name of one of the
demos your group wrote, you have been greeted by Nuclear Meltdown

    Personal Greetings
    from Clueless to:
    Wally / TLOTB
    Vector / Vertigo
    Atomic Dreamer / Superthing
    Kain / Superthing
    The Snuh & Sketch

    from Joe Snow to:
    Trixter / Hornet

There are no known bugs in The Lynch.  If you think you have found one
or have trouble running The Lynch please contact us (see NMINFO13.TXT)
and we'll be glad to help.  We recommend a 486 + GUS for optimal
performance (a 586 is too fast <g>).

Closing Words
We hope you had/have fun watching The Lynch (how couldn't you? =).
If you have any questions or comments please contact us (see NMINFO13.TXT)
and let us know.

NAiD '96 was a great party and a big thanks go to the organizers for
making it all happen.

cya l8r

    - Joe Snow and Clueless '96

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